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1 、食物净化:由表及里的降解果蔬、粮食中残留的化肥、农药等有毒物质,清除肉、蛋中的抗生素、化学添加剂、激素等有害物质,杀灭海鲜中容易引起中毒的嗜盐性菌,把住病从口入关。
2 、饮用水净化:自来水经臭氧处理后是一种优质的生饮水。每升水只需通入 O3 2 分钟即可去除水中的余氯,杀菌、消毒、去味、去除重金属,防止致癌物质三氯甲烷的生成,增加水中含氧量,自制理想纯净的饮用水。
3 、消毒灭菌:将清洗后的餐饮用具放入水中通入 O3 20 分钟,可去除洗涤剂残留物,杀灭细菌、病毒,替代电子消毒柜,避免餐饮用具传染疾病。还可对衣物、毛巾、抹布、袜子等进行水介质消毒、除味。
4 、空气净化:将臭氧排气管挂在 1.7 米以上高度,排放 O3 20--30 分钟,即可有效去除室内烟尘或装饰材料的异味,降尘灭菌,增加空气含氧量,清新空气,让您在家中享受到雨后森林般清新的空气(可用于家庭、办公室、会议室、娱乐场所的除烟、除尘、消毒、去味)。
5 、果蔬保鲜、防霉:家庭果蔬保鲜只需往袋装果蔬中通入 O3 2 分钟,可延长保鲜期 7 天,也可用于菜窖防霉、果蔬运输。
6 、洗浴、美容、保健:洗臭氧浴在国外已成为时尚,通过臭氧浴治疗疾病已有多年历史,这是 O3 的又一神奇功效。经常洗臭氧浴能排除体内毒素,活化表皮细胞,消除痤疮,美白皮肤,对风湿病、皮肤病、妇科病、糖尿病及灰指甲等有良好疗效。
7 、养鱼、浇花:浇花、大棚蔬菜的喷灌,能避免虫害,减少农药使用量。养鱼、水产养殖, O3进入水中释放出初生态氧,消灭细菌、病毒,氧化杂质,防止水质腐坏变质,增加水中养份。
8 、除臭:因臭氧有很强的氧化分解能力,可迅速而彻底的消除空气中、水中的各种异味。


The main function of Oxygen
1, purify food: fruits and vegetables from surface degradation, food residues of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances, remove the meat, eggs, antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones and other harmful substances likely to cause halophilic kill seafood poisoning bacteria and protect the disease from the mouth shut.
2, water purification: water after ozone treatment is a high-quality raw water. Per liter of water just pass into O3 2 minutes to remove the residual chlorine in the water, sterilization, disinfection, to taste, remove heavy metals, carcinogens chloroform to prevent the generation of increased oxygen content in water, homemade ideal pure drinking water.
3, sterilization: the dining utensils after washing into the water through the O3 20 minutes, remove the detergent residue can kill bacteria, viruses, alternative electronic disinfection cabinet, dining utensils to avoid infectious diseases. Also on clothing, towels, rags, socks and other media water disinfection, odor.
4, an air purifier: ozone exhaust pipe hanging above 1.7 m height, emission O3 20--30 minutes, you can effectively remove indoor smoke or odor, dust sterilization decorative materials, increasing oxygen, fresh air, Let your home to enjoy the fresh air after the rain forest-like (can be used in homes, offices, meeting rooms, entertainment in addition to smoke, dust, disinfection, to taste).
5, fresh fruits and vegetables, mildew: Family bagged fruits and vegetables fresh fruits and vegetables just to pass into the O3 2 minutes, to extend the shelf life of seven days, can also be used for vegetable cellar mildew, fruit and vegetable transport.
6, bath, beauty, health: ozone wash bath in foreign countries has become a fashion, by ozone bath treatment of disease for many years, which is another magic O3. Always wash ozone bath can rid the body of toxins, activation of epidermal cells, eliminate acne, skin whitening, rheumatism, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, diabetes and onychomycosis have a good effect.
7, fish, water the plants: watering, irrigation greenhouse vegetables, to avoid pests, reduce the use of pesticides. Fish, aquaculture, O3 into the water to release nascent oxygen, destroy bacteria, viruses, oxidation of impurities, to prevent spoilage of water quality deterioration, increased nutrients in water.
8, deodorant: Due to the decomposition of ozone has a strong oxidation, can be quickly and thoroughly to eliminate air, a variety of odors in the water.

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