We all know that a skin care regime starts with a good cleanser. Pure water alone is not good enough for removing dirt, which is fat-soluble and sticks to our skin. It requires a cleansing agent to allow the dirt to be washed away. Washing your face is a part of your daily routine. When you clean your skin of face, you are removing sweat, dirt, bacterial, smoke, excess oil and other type of pollutants from the skin of the face.

The first step to beautiful skin is to keep it clean. It is one of the most important products anyone would use when taking good care of the skin.

Here, we are introducing you an absolutely amazing Sulfate-Free Purifying Cleanser for dry, mature, sensitive skin. This facial cleanser is very mild, gentle and non-irritating to skin or eye. It is gentle removes surface impurities, dirts, excess oils and it is washes off easily. It formulate with mild and moisturizing ingredients that is kind to our skin.

9-NOs Purifying Cleanser:

1. NO Sulfates Substance (Sulfate Free Surfactant)

2. NO Preservative Added [NO Parabens / Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)]

3. NO Silicones

4. NO Colorant

5. NO Alcohols

6. NO Mineral Oils

7. NO Lanolin Substances

8. NO Animal Origin Substances

9. NO Comedogenic Ingredients


There is a wide range of cleanser designed for cleansing your face, available in the market as soap based cleanser or sulfate based cleanser. Consumers will always consider mildness, cleansing ability, skin appearance and feel, low toxicity and the smell as well. Most people have been using sulfates based/soap based cleanser for years. However, within the past few years, there is a rise of demand on sulfate free cleanser. There are many studies / articles published to show SLS/SLES are being a serious potential health threat to consumers. Many of us are looking an alternative product to replace sulfate based products – Sulfate Free. What is sulfate free? Is it true that soap based cleanser / sulfate based cleanser is bad for your skin?

Finding the suitable facial cleanser can be very important because these products are used so frequently / daily.

Directions: Pump a small amount onto palm. Lather with water and massage gently onto face, rinse thoroughly.


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