Master AB Skin Shield uses Oil Tea Camellia as an active factor. Oil Tea Camellia is the nature breeds of fruit from Taiwan. It is rich in nutritious elements - protein, vitamins A, E, and camellia orange pigment.


Master AB Skin Shield maximize moisturizing effects, and thus allowing your hands & foot to be soft, delicate, and smooth, with personal care effect.

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Enzyme (酵素), Ascorbic Acid (左旋C), Chitosan(甲壳素),Sorbitan Monostearate(乳化剂),DL-Menthol(薄荷醇),Purified Aqua (纯水)

1. 最好使用前可先以熱毛巾熱敷讓毛細孔張開暢通
2. 素食者可用[市面產品為動物萃取…..]
3. 不弱化自體轉化機制[不含軟骨素關節液]
4. 低溫奈米萃取,皮下直接吸收,比吃的效果快
5. 對風濕及類風濕性關節炎有緩痛效果
6. 帶正電荷,對肌肉撕裂性及血液酸化及一般肌肉之酸痛,具有極佳之緩痛及治療效果
7. 35歲以上之成人,就該長期保養
8. 非食用型,無副作用
9. 6%會對甲殼素有過敏反應[建議不要熱敷]

1.  Best to use hot towel to open the pores before application.
2.  Vegetarians friendly [other products from animal extract ... ..]
3.  Does not weaken autologous transformation mechanism [without chondroitin joint fluid]
4. Low temperature nano tech extraction, subcutaneous direct absorption on application, better efficacy than oral form.
5. Have pain relief effect on rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.
6. With a positive charge on the muscle tear, blood acidification, and general muscle aches, it effectively relief pain.
7. Ideally for adults of >35 years old for long term care.
8. Non-oral form, no side effects
9. Study shown 6% of patients may be allergy to chitin [advised not to use hot towel]

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You can only exchange your products with other Master Antibacteria's product. Simply bring/mail your item(s) to us with all contents and packaging, proof of purchase. Product cannot request to exchange after wash or after used.


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