[ Description ]
- Reduces redness by promoting blood circulations and calming the skin 
- Improves dark circles and bruises 
- Prevent vessel related troubles
- Promotes skin cell recovery from stress factors
Reducing Redness / Complexion Improvement / Minimizing Dark Circle / Minimizing fatigue and Bruises / Soothing
[ Main Ingredients ]
Vitamin K 
Tightens capillaries & veins of the skin and relieves redness on the face. Also helps blood circulation to brighten dark under-eye-area. Thus, recovers the skin healthier from unwanted bruises, mark, redness.
Removes skin wastes & stimulates healthy circulation. Thus, boosts cell activation
Broccoli Extract 
Prevents pigmentation such as freckles and dark spots & recovers the skin with clear tone. Beta- carotene in Broccoli helps the skin revitalize and recover from wrinkles, iritation, and troubles.
[ How to use ] 
Single Application day 
1.Apply the choice of your vitamin cream both day & night on face and/or body
2.Use Vitamin Creams as Moisturizer: after toner/ essence, before sun screen / make up
Multi-Choice Application
1.Mix the creams of your choice on your hand and apply the mixture on your skin
2.Or, you can use multiple vitamin creams separately in order of texture weight
  ( Lighest=Vitamin C - Vitamin B - Vitamin K - Vitamin A - Vitamin E = Thickest )
 - you can also apply vitamin creams partially when necessary
[ Size ]
[ Country of Origin ]
Made in Korea


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