[ Description ]
Power lifting complex stretches your eye and your wrinkles will disappear magically. Now,get over with aging using this unbelievable firming effect product, which lasts for more than 10 hours with just one touch.
-5 minutes after applying onto the skin around eyes energy  and lifting complex quickly improves the skin.
-Enriched with elastic firmer  component makes eye skin healthier and keeps it tight for 10 hours.
-Anti-wrinkles active ingredient take care of elasticity of your eye skin
-Anti dark pigmented spots + Smooth fine lines and shades + Firming + Promote blood circulation, and Focuses on eye skin care
-The ball rolling massage gives moisturizing feeling and a sense of excellent, enhances the skin's elasticity.
Rapid Lifting / Wrinkle Improvement / Skin Elasticity / Dark Eye Area Improvement / Providing Moisturization
[ Main Ingrediients ] 
Natural Peptide component from almonds, providing elasticity
Helps skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement with wrinkle betterment functional material
Natural Peptide component from almonds, providing elasticity
10 types of plant extracts 
Composition of Licorice, Cimicifuga, Polygonum Multiflorum, Black Sesame, Phellinus Linteus Extract, Angelica Root, Morus Alba Bark, Paeonia, Sophora Root, Scutellaria Baicalensis Extracts.
A strong antioxidant component, nicknamed 'Super Vitamin E'
Hyaluronic Acid
Build up moisturzation, keeping your skin moistened and smooth
[ How to use ]
1. After cleansing, apply toner and then roll the product around the area where wrinkle care is needed
2.Relax your hands and roll on to concerned area gently, like massaging, for 3~5 times.
3.Once the product is completely absorbed, dried and feel tightened around eyes, apply the next product
4.The product can be used for both day and night, and after apply, it can be used together with other products, such as eye moisturizing cream,etc.
[ Recommended for ]
- 'Fine Lines' due to dryness
- 'Eye Wrinkles' due to laughter
- 'Drooping Eye' due to lack of elasticity
- 'Dark Circle' due to darkening area
- 'Swelling Eyes' due to overtime
[ Size ]
[ Country of Origin ]
 Made in Korea


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