Smoothens your skin, while tightening the open pores!


[ Description ]
Beyond Moisturizing with Pure Alaska Glacial Water-Boots UP the Skin Vitals! Reduce Skin's temperature & Pores!

0% Distilled Water! 77.39% Pure Alaska Glacial Water
Minerals & Vitamin Rich,Pure GLACIAL WATER from ALASKA delivers Clean,Deep Hydration!

With No Stickiness, Cell-Deep Wearless Hydrating
Just like your natural bare skin, Fresh feelings only are left after!

Safely Formulated With Patent Ingredients For Sensitives
Swallow-wort flower extract,a rapid soothing agent, protects skin from environmental stressors!

Effective Pore Control With-D-Pore Complex
6 Herbal Ingredients work for tightening pore walls & contracting open pores!

Natural Cooling Effect for Firmer Skin
SKIN&LAB natural cooling ingredients cool down the skin's temperature to firm up the sagged skin!

3 Step Moisture Control
Step 1 : Attract

Water-friendly formulated Gel attracts moisture to instantly hydrate your skin.

Step 2 : Penetrate
The hexagon-Shaped moisturizng agents penetrate deeper into skin.

Step 3 : Retain
The moisturizer helps retain skin's moisture theough its long-lasting hydrating effect.

[ Did you know about ALASKA GLACIAL WATER?]
It's alkalescent,pure clean water from glaciers in Alaska,which is excellent in its skin clearing effects. The glacial water has gone through continuous ice formation process in the most uncontaminated environment. Kept reserved in the glaciers for over 20,000 years, the Alaska Glacial Water is rich in vitamins and minerals best to soothe your stressed skin comfortably. It's hexagon-shaped similiar to snow crystal to 10x better prenetrate into skin that ordinary distilled water - it's ideal for 24-hour deep hydration.

[ Main Ingredients ]
Alaska Glacial Water (77.39%)

- Excellent Hydrating
- Excess Sebum & Skin Waste Clearing
- Rich in Minerals & Vitamins

Swallow-wort Flower Extract
- Soothing & Calming
- Irritation Resolving
- Skin Protecting (KR Patent #10-1127156)

D-Pore Complex
- Consists of 6 exo-herbs from France (Oregano,Spearmint,Lemon Balm,Bergamot,Basil,Sage)
- Sebum Control
- Pore Contracting & Firming
- Skin Cell Regenerating

Pure Teen
- Consists of baby aloe,early-picked tomato,green grapes and young apple.
- Excellent Hydrating & Tone-Brightening

Hyaluronic Acid
- Hydrating
- Moisture Retaining

Tea Tree Extract
- Acne/Blemish
- Breakout prevention & Resolving

Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
- Sebum Control
- Balanced Moisturizing

[ Directions ]
Apply 2-3 pumps of Glacial Water moisturiZEL to the entire face after face wash. When using with other products,apply this right before other moisturizers.

[ Suitable For ]
- Suffering from vigorous sebum secretion.
- looking over-shine yet feeling dry for the inner skin.
- suffering from unbalanced oil/moisture level of skin with sensitivities.
- seeking for an instant soothing solution for acne-prone skin.
- having troubles with large open pores.
- experiencing sagges, less elastic skin due to pores and acnes.

[ Notice ]
Glacial Water moisturiZEL works through "AIRLESS PUMPING SYSTEM" without a straw. The airless pump blocks the entrance of air into the bottle, the formula stays in best hygiene till the last use. For the first-time use, please pump it many times as the content comes out. The bottle has a little empty room for safety issues during manufacture.

[ Size ]

[ Country of Origin ]
Made in Korea



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