Type A: Multi 6 colors Blue, Light Green, Pink, Green, Orange and Purple

Type B : Fixed color as per option




You want to ditch your shoelaces. We know and feel your pain. Laces come undone and get filthy, you step on them and trip, and you've spent countless hours tying and untying them. Shoelaces have been around since about 3500 BC – technology has improved almost everything else and yet here we are still, with the same basic system invented by cavemen!  
THAT’S WHY WE’VE CREATED V-tie –  A ground-breaking lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and lets you easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. Never tie or untie your shoes again!  Get rid of the bows and customize your footwear.
METICULOUS DESIGN.  We have considered every detail in the product design process to make V-TIE fashion-forward, comfortable and durable.  We have scoured and tested all the materials available on the market to bring you the perfect solution for your shoes, both in terms of function and fashion.
SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY.  Fasten your V-TIE once and never tie or untie your shoes again.
SLIP INTO YOUR SHOES.  V-TIE turn any footwear into slip-ons, but keep them snug!  You can easily slip in and out of your shoes because of how flexible they are.
MAKE YOUR SNEAKERS MORE COMFORTABLE.  Given their soft elasticity, V-TIE loosen and contract with your foot and adapt to the shape of your shoes.
ONE SIZE ONLY. V-TIE adjust to any shoe size, from kids to grown-ups. As long as your shoe has eyelets,  V-TIE will fit.  They are elastic so they stretch out as far as your feet need them to, and they have memory so they return to their original size.
(*)Our current version of V-TIE is not recommended for infants under one year-old or wide “skater’s” shoes; we are working on new versions of V-TIE for these outliers!
LOTS OF COLORS!  V-TIE let you add more color to your shoes and create your own fashion, or bring new life to your old footwear.  We worked with one of the leading color experts in the world who helped us to choose the perfect colors and matches.


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