• Replacement Nose Pads for Eyeglasses ( Screw In )
  • Prevents eyeglasses from slipping on your nose
  • This size is great for adult's glasses or larger sizes of eye wear
  • Eye wear must have screw-in mount-type to work with these strap style nose pads
  • Does NOT come with screws
Eyeglasses nose pads and nose pieces that have a right nose pad attached to a left nose pad by means of a thin flexible strip material which conforms to the shape of the eyeglass wearer's nose are referred to as strap bridge nose pads, bridge strap nose pads, one-piece nose pads, strap-bridge nose pads, saddle bridge nose pads, one piece unifit bridge nose pads, bridge nose pads, or simply strap nose pads.  Since the weight of a pair of glasses is distributed along the interconnecting strap as well as each nose pad, strap-bridge nose pads provide excellent comfort to the spectacle or sunglasses wearer. 
When one area of a strap bridge nose piece wears out or becomes damaged, the whole strap nose pad should be replaced. Strap bridge nose-pads are primarily available in soft silicone.  Popular  mounting arm options available for bridge nose pads are screw-on and push-on.  Slide-on nose pad mounts are generally not available for saddle strap bridge nose pads as the nose pad may easily slide out of the nose pad arm mount when the thin pliable connecting strip material is flexed.


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