Shui Xian is Oolong tea. Product origin from China Fujian. The product net weight is 100g.


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Oolong Tea is generally regarded as a semi-fermented tea and is principally manufactured in the Fujian Province, China. It is processed by the most exquisite technique and thus, it’s most refined. This one-of-a-kind tea combines the qualities of both green and black tea. The appearance of the leaves are solid and tough. The tea infusion is extremely smooth and sweet on the palate. It has a natural flora, fruity aroma and a rich, mellow aftertaste and is effective in lower body fat and regulating high blood pressure.

The Legend of Oolong Tea

In the early Qing Dynasty, there was a retired general called “Long” living in the mountain area in An-Xi, Fujian Province. Since he had been hunting in the mountain under the burning sun and in bad weathers for years, his body was strong and his skin was tanned. Because of the features, the villagers amiably called him “Oo-long,” meaning “black dragon”. When Oolong went hunting in the mountain, he always fastened a basket around his waist, which was to keep the wild tea leaves he collected on his way. When he was chasing after the animals, the tea leaves in the basket would rub among each other and fray their edges. He would then roast the tea leaves when he returned home. The product was a kind of tea with a special aroma which was different from those of other teas. The villagers who were attracted by it often visited Oolong to enjoy this unique tea. One day, Oolong captured a rabbit. Arriving at home, he was so hasty to enjoy the rabbit and so tired, that he forgot to process the tea leaves. When he woke up the next morning, he found that they had already wilted. However, the wilted tea leaves produced an unusual fragrance, and were even more aromatic after having been processed. The tea tasted very mellow, without the previous bitterness. The excited Oolong immediately invited the villagers to taste the tea. Everyone marveled at it, and some of them asked Oolong for the process so that they could follow. After further experiments, finally the villagers found a whole set of techniques of producing the tea, which were then imparted to all other villagers. To commemorate Oolong’s contribution, the villagers gave their product the name of “Oolong Tea,” which had been adopted for generations till the present.

Product Origin: China Fujian
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Weight: 100g
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Tea Intensity: Yellowish Brown
Fragrance: Ripe Fruit
Taste: Rich, Sweet & Mellow

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Purple Clay Teapot, Porcelain Ware
Amount of Tea: Fill the teapot with 1/2 full of tea leaves according to the type of teapot used
Water Temperature: 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: 1st brew about 30 seconds, 2nd brew about 20 seconds, 3rd brew about 30 seconds

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour




明末清初,安溪山麓,住着一位退隐的打猎将军,单名叫 “龙”,因长年上山打猎,饱经烈日暴晒,风雨洗炼,长的黝黑健壮,乡亲们都亲切叫他“乌龙”。乌龙上山打猎时,常常身背猎枪,腰挂茶篓 ,兼棌一些野生茶叶。在追赶猎物时,茶篓里的茶叶不时摇动摩擦,叶缘也就略有破损,猎罷归来后炒制成茶,其茶香异於他茶,因此乡里邻人经常相约到乌龙家喝茶。有一天,乌龙擒获一头野兔,晚上到家,急于宰杀野兔,品尝野味,加上劳累,竟把茶叶搁置,直到第二天清早欲动手炒制时,发现茶叶已经枯萎了,捧在手中闻有一股奇异的香味。炒制后更是香气扑鼻,冲泡品味,往日的苦涩之味全除,香醇更胜往常。乌龙大喜,连忙邀来乡亲茶友一起品尝,众人啧啧称奇,且探究其因,仿效採制,终于摸索出一整套新的制茶技艺,并广泛传授给所有乡亲。乡亲们为纪念乌龙的情义,就把所制的茶都称为“乌龙茶”。世代因袭,沿用至今。





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