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high-purity copper-zinc 55 formulations produced in the United States which is six times more effective than activated carbon in dechlorination. It restores PH balance, reduces calcium and magnesium ions, controls bacteria and algae, and removes water-soluble heavy metals such as iron, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, and other inorganic substances.



Silver           Impregnated





The heating element made by a mixture of microbe algae and ceramic is used to generate far infrared to break H20 into micro-cluster molecules. Far infrared spectra of small water Far infrared is a spectrum of light emanating from ore extraction to stimulate resonance with water molecules, and resonance causes ionization of water at extremely high speed. The large molecular clusters of water are fragmented into smaller molecular clusters thus increasing its oxygen content and water molecules movements. It is called activated water  (Non-metallic magnetic field).


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