Product details of Shine Junior Multivitamin with L-lysine Tuiti Fruiti Flavor - 100 Chewable Tablets


Multi vitamin L-Lysine  100’s Chewable Tablet

兒童綜合維他命咀嚼錠  100粒咀嚼錠


Good nutrition and a balanced diet will help your children grow up healthy.


Shine Junior Multivitamin With L-Lysine Chewable Tablet is a dietary and nutritional supplement for children. It provides children with essential nutrients they need.


Each Chewable Tablet contains:

Vitamin A - 2000 I.U

Vitamin B1 - 0.75mg

Vitamin B2 - 0.85mg

Vitamin B3 - 6.5mg

Vitamin B6 - 1mg

Vitamin B12 - 3mcg

Vitamin C - 50mg

Vitamin D - 200 I.U

Vitamin E (d-a- Tocopheryl Acetate) - 15 I.U

Biotin - 30mcg

Folic Acid - 200mcg

L-Lysine - 50mg


Indications: As a dietary or food supplement 



·         Contains an essential amino acid (L-Lysine) to boost up children’s appetite

·         Sugar-free with delicious tuiti frutti flavor

·         Sugar free and colorant free

·         Contains 11 vitamin essential for children’s health

·         Helps improving body immune system and disease prevention


Dosage and Administration:  1-2 tablets to be chewed daily







維他命A - 2000 I.U

維他命B1 - 0.75mg

維他命 B2 - 0.85mg

維他命 B3 - 6.5mg

維他命 B6 - 1mg

維他命 B12 - 3mcg

維他命 C - 50mg

維他命 D - 200 I.U

維他命 E - 15 I.U

生物素- 30mcg

葉酸- 200mcg

賴氨酸- 50mg


適合 : 適用於輔助兒童的健康



·         含有必須氨基酸(L-Lysine)能有效地增加孩童的食欲

·         香甜水果口味

·         不含糖及色素

·         含有11種兒童所需的維他命

·         幫助預防維他命缺乏症




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