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SHINE J-CARE 7 @ 15G X 30 SACHETS  1.5克 x 30 包


 Why Shine J-CARE 7 is Preferred?

•       Patented ingredient UC-II® from USA.

•       100% safe natural ingredients safe for consumption.

•       Unique mechanism and safe for long term consumption .

•       Clinically proven 2 times more effective than G+C treatment.

•       Dual inhibition of cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase from ginger has better therapeutic profile.

•       Natural ingredients combining UC-II® and ginger juice has double action on protection and speedy recovery from joint pain.


What is UC-II®?

•       Derived from chicken sternum cartilage and contains naturally occuring type II collagen.

•       Undenatured Type-II collagen is made up of three polypeptide strands in a form of a helix which is twisted together into a right-handed coil.

•       Manufactured using a patented low temperature process which assures type II collagen in its native undenatured form.



•       Increases joint mobility and flexibility.

•       Promotes joint comfort.

•       Promotes quality of life.

•       May allow the body to rebuild joint cartilage.




Un-denatured Type II Collagen(UC-II) - 40 mg

Ginger Juice - 425 mg


Suitable for:

·         Osteoarthritis (OA)

·         Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

·         Gout

·         People with heavy exercise

·         Individual who wish to prevent cartilage injury and wear off


Dosage and Administration:

Mild Joint Problem:

1 sachet each day before food, early in the morning.


Serious Joint Problem:

2 sachets each day: 1 sachet before food in the morning; 1 sachet before sleep at night.


為何選擇J-Care 7

•      美國專利成分非變性二型膠原蛋白

•      100% 純天然安全成分

•      獨特的作用機理,適合長期食用

•      臨床證實比服用G+C雙倍更有效

•      Cyclooxygenase與5-LOX的雙重壓制給予更好的治療特性

•      結合成分-UC- II®和生薑汁能對關節有雙重的保護和迅速的復原



•      原型態二型膠原蛋白來源於雞胸骨軟骨(含有25%未變性II型膠原蛋白)

–     低溫

–     非酶製造過程

•      FDA認證,刊登在New Dietary Ingredient (NDI)

–     臨床證明療效和安全性

–     採購和製造于美國GMP認證的工廠

•      唯一獲得專利的未變性(原型)II型膠原蛋白, 可以作為一個功能性膳食成分

•      專利于美國和歐盟



•      增加關節的靈活性和柔韌性

•      促進關節的舒適度

•      提升生活品質

•      可讓身體重建破損的關節軟骨




原型態二型膠原蛋白 (UC-II) - 40 mg

生薑汁- 425mg



·         骨關節炎 (OA)

·         風濕性關節炎(RA)

·         痛風

·         激烈運動者

·         想保護軟骨,减少磨損及避免受傷









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