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Shine Bokbunja Vinegar

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Why you need VINEGAR?

Vinegar is rich in nutrients essential to health such as aspartic acid, serine, tryptophan and other amino acids, as well as phosphorus, iron, zinc, and 10 other minerals. Its Vitamin C content is 10 times higher than an apple.


Health Benefits of Vinegar

Cardiovascular Protection - Vinegar has a blood pressure lowering property1 by inhibiting the renin-angiotensin system,2 hence helpsboost blood flow by improving the elasticity of blood vessels.

Liver Detoxification - The acetic acid content in vinegar helps enhance liver detoxification and further helps relieve arthritis and gout.

Body Weight Control - The organic acid content in vinegar converts excessive body fat to physical energy by promoting metabolism of blood sugar and protein.

Skin Care Effects - Vinegar is rich in antioxidants that help reduce melanin, eliminate aging skin, refill skin with nutrients and moisture, and dissolve blood clot for better blood circulation.

Anti-Cancer - The acetic acid in vinegar forms acetate ions in the stomach, indicating that vinegar may have anti-tumour properties.3,4,5

Blood Glucose Control - Vinegar helps regulate blood glucose by reducing both insulin response and blood sugar elevations following a meal,6,7,8 suppressing appetite and improving satiety9.


Shine Bokbunja Vinegar is produced from natural fermentation of Palmleaf Raspberries where the phyto-nutrients and flavours are preserved. Raspberry is rich in organic acids,minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other trace elements. The vinegar can also be used in food preparations and cooking.

Ingredients: Bokbunja (Palmleaf Raspberry) Vinegar, High Fructose-Glucose Syrup.

Directions for use: Consume directly or dilute (1:3 ratio) with cold or warm water to suit the taste. Recommended consumption is 4 tablespoons per serving

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place (20-25°C). Refrigerate after opening to maintain quality and freshness. Appearance of residues is normal and safe for consumption.






保護心血管 果醋能抑制腎上腺素-血管緊張素系統的能力使其具有降血壓屬性,並能疏通軟化血管。

肝臟排毒 果醋中的醋酸有助提高肝臟的解毒和其排毒保健功能對關節炎和風濕痛也有一定的療效。

控制體重 果醋中所含的豐富有機酸可使人體內過多的脂肪轉換為體能消耗,促進人體糖和蛋白質的代謝的作用。

護膚作用 果醋裡含大量的抗氧化劑能有效淡化黑色素、消除老化角質、補充肌膚養份及水份,活血化瘀。

抗癌症 果醋裡的乙酸在胃中形式乙酸根離子,具有抗腫瘤特性。








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