Water Molecule Coating Boosts Moisture Retention

Approximately 2.3 million ions/cm3*surround your hair, creating awater-molecule coating. Positive and negative ions merge in a continuous flow that forms an ample layer of moisture.

*Measured approx. 15 cm from the dryer?s outlet.
Reduces Cuticle Damage

Controls friction-induced cuticle damage to reduce loss of luster.
Fingers Run Smoothly through Hair

Normally when you brush your hair, the brush takes on a negative charge and the hair a positive charge. As it contains both positive and negative ions, Plasmacluster helps to reduce static electricity on the brush and hair.Lower friction means fewer split ends and breakages and less tangling.
Reduces Split Ends and Breakage

Reduces split ends and breakage by reducing friction from brushing.
Prevents Hair Damage by Controlling Static Electricity

Plasmacluster Ions reduce static electricity in your hair and brush to approximately one third*1 of typical levels. This prevents tangling while blow drying, so you can run your fingers or a comb smoothly through your hair.
Gently dry the scalp at around 45°C (Cold mode)

Taking care of your scalp is crucial to ensuring healthy hair. The IB-HD73S blow dryer's Cold mode thoroughly dries the scalp with a gentle flow of warm air at approximately 45°C. This limits damage to your hair and reduces excess moisture?a common cause of limp hair. The result is a healthy scalp.


1 year manufacturer warranty by Sharp Malaysia

* Extended warranty up to 5 years is available, please enquire us for the details!

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