•  Coverage area 3.6m³
  • Removal of adhered mold in addition to suspend mold
  • Speedy deodorizing of adhering odor
  • Strong performance of removal of viruses
  • Removal of allergens from dust mite faces and dead dust mites


Specification :

 Recommended area

  3.6 m3

 Power Consumption

  1.1 W (Low), 1.8 W (High) , 2.7 W (Turbo)

 Power Supply

  Car adapter (DC 12 V)

 Dimension (WxHxD)

  Cylindrical, 76-mm top diameter, 65-mm bottom diameter, 150-mm


  Approx. 0.27 kg

 Noise level (dB)

  23 (Low), 29 (High), 33 (Turbo)

 Body Colour

  - B (black), - P (pink), - W (white)

 Power cord length (m)


 Replacement unit





Turbo Airflow Mode for Fast Deodorization

If odors in your car are aparticularly a concern, use theTurbo airflow mode to releasePlasmaclustter ions at abouttwice the speed of standardairflow mode.

*1 Comparison of times required todeodorize clinging smoke odor to anunnoticeable level: Standard airflowmode takes approx. 60 min. and Turboairflow mode approx. 44 min.
Skin-Beautifying Spot in a Car

High-density Plasmacluster ions provide skin-beautifying effects for bothdriver and passengers in a car while driving.
Elegant Metal Appearance with Illuminating Indicators

Along with the metal body, the IG-DC2 is equipped with ion indicators thatlight blue at the air outlet and operation indicators designed in the motif of acar speedometer, providing a high-quality and stylish design.


T & C

Please keep the receipt as the evidence of good purchase. All the receipt will stated warranty period for the goods. Receipt without warranty period is means there is no warranty on the product itself.

Customer may walk in our outlet to claim the warranty if needed as our technician/ consultant can give you the better advice.

Customer may also give us a call 03-2148 1622 for any inquiries as some product may need some guidance to remote it and our customer service may give a little helping hand on it.


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