Plasmacluster Ion Technology
700 Litres
Hi-Density Plamacluster Chiller Room
ActiFresh Hybrid Cooling System
Control Door Panel
Eco Button

Touch Control Door Panel- Control at Your Fingertips*

Blue, Green, OrangeThe Intelligent Colours that Maintains Freshness
Adjust settings without opening the fridge door to reach the control panel. Now you can easily set the controls with Kagami Touch?s handy external touch-activated control panel located on the freezer door. Instantly see the new settings on the LCD display screen, and keep the cold air where it belongs ? inside the fridge.Control panel settings: On/Off for Plasmacluster, Temperature control, ECO mode.

* For model SJP799G & SJP699G only image Cylinder Handles

The exquisite design components of this refrigerator include cylindrical handle that give pleasure not only to the sense of sight, but to the sense of touch as well. image Clear Ice Maker

Form clear ice cubes that are all ice, with less air bubbles trapped inside them that make them look cloudy. Kagami Touch?s Clear Ice Cube Maker removes all the trapped air to produce solid ice cubes that are slower to melt. Your drink remains ice-cold longer. image LED Lighting

Both the refrigerator and freezer compartments are illuminated with highly sophisticated LED lighting. The luminous lights beautifully define the interior and stage the high-end feel for your kitchen. image

Hi-Density Plasmacluster Chiller Compartment- Fresher Dairy Products

Keep your dairy products, such as cheese and butter, fresher and for longer time periods. Using SHARP?s revolutionary Plasmacluster technology, Kagami Touch?s High Density Plasmacluster Chiller Compartment releases large amounts (7000 ions) of positively and negatively charged ions to eliminate bacteria which cause food to spoil faster. image
10 Years Compressor Warranty by Sharp Malaysia


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