Body Detoxification Solution (Detox)

What is detoxification? The role of detoxification for health?

Detoxify your body is a method to eliminate the residues, toxins from food, from environmental pollution ... from your body. These toxins accumulate in the body for a long time will cause headache, fatigue, and increases the risk of chronic disease risk.


Overweight, obesity also comes from the above reasons. That is the process we eat unscientific, excessive eating of sweets, fats, starches and eat less fiber. They accumulate into fat and create not like the waist. Detoxify will help us to quickly remove toxins and excess food intake from the body, thereby preventing the accumulation of fat in the body, and helps us to feel your body gently healthy.


Therefore, detoxification is a body purification therapy is good for everyone's health, and particularly essential for those who are overweight or who are tired of the heavy weight of his. TherapyDetoxifying the body is now very popular application in the world. Even the world's top models still frequently recurring detoxify the body to help the body stay healthy and keep their shape is always ready.


Process Detoxify your body:

A course Detoxify the body naturally usually lasts from 7-10 days, including:

  • The menu: strictly controlled and limited, mainly water and vegetables contain more water and fiber.
  • Abstaining from caffeine, alcohol and sugar.
  • Athletes gentle walking, cycling
  • Sitting meditation, yoga and massage.


However, to seriously implement a therapy Detoxify naturally is not easy for many people, because it requires time and a great energy to strictly follow the course of detoxification, overcoming the "temptation" of tasty, partying, and even those hunger pangs so often happens duringdetoxification .


One solution Detoxify body convenient, simple, easy to implement, effective and safe for everyone, enjoy the 1-2 pack the Shape-Tea Detox Tea  chamomile flavor every day, helping Detoxification Weight Loss,for good health & a slender physique more succinct.

Enjoy your cup of tea detoxifies Shape-Tea every day, convenience anytime, anywhere!

  •  Specially formulated from America with 100% natural herbs

  • Does not contain caffeine

  • No preservatives, no additives, no pigment

With the combination of three herbs, the resonance effect:

  • Detoxification , body cleansing, elimination of residual debris and toxins from the body

  • Lose weight quickly , giving you a more perfect body

  • Detoxify every day not merely toxins from the body, improving physical health, but also brings a refreshing spirit always, lucid.

  • Simply a fragrant cup of chamomile tea after dinner every day to help detoxify the body , improve health and support weight loss

Shape-tea effects like:

With a 100% herbal formula was developed from America, Shape -Teawith 3 main herbal, resonance effects for a good health and a slender physique more succinct:



  • As the herb has been Pharmaceutical Management Agency of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized the effects Detoxify the body safely and effectively
  • Surplus food and toxins are excreted easily and quickly, thus can not accumulate fat reserves in the body
  • Improve gastrointestinal function (especially great for those who frequently abused constipation), abdominal always help smooth and gently, no heavy feeling tired

Garcinia Cambogia

  • Herbs have been studied mechanisms of action: ATP citrate lyase inhibitor, leading to inhibit fat formation, thereby inhibiting the production and storage of fat in the body
  • Increase metabolism, burn body fat quickly and easily create energy for the body to function.
  • Creating effective weight loss , offers a slim physique and a body always dynamic and flexible.

Chrysenthemum Flower (chrysanthemum)

  • Traditionally used as a cooling herb with mild aroma 

Shape-Tea is used how?

For the entire package of tea into the cup and then pour boiling water into the cup 2-5 minutes and used brake. Maybe back to the light water phase.

Simply a fragrant cup of chamomile tea after dinner every day to help detoxify the body, provide a better health, a slimmer physique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shape - Tea Is it safe?

  • Shape - Tea is 100% natural herbs, safe for long term use
  • Herbal formulas are carefully selected and have no preservatives, no toxic chemicals, no additives, no coloring matter and not containing vegetable surplus
  • Shape - Tea has been accrediting agencies and state certified inspection does not contain toxic heavy metals, does not contain toxic substances, and does not contain hazardous substances such as Phentermine Fenfluramine or
  • The natural herbs in Shape - Tea has been traditionally used since centuries in many countries across the world, with the aimDetoxify your body and support weight loss

Shape-Tea affecting the gastrointestinal tract does not?

  •  Through effective detoxification of Senna, with those who are hypersensitive to this component, you may feel some discomfort in the digestive tract or mild diarrhea in the first few days of use.However, this does not make you feel tired on the contrary, effective detoxification will help you feel your body is gently flexible and more robust. This sensitivity will ease off after the first few days of use, when your digestive tract was "familiar" with the composition of Senna.
  • When these signs, you just limit it by drinking more water, or reduce the dose used in the first few days.

Additional Information:

  • Because the formula is 100% natural herbal no additives, so the color and the shape - Tea may vary slightly between the tea bags, but the quality and efficiency of constant
  • Shape - Tea does not contain preservatives should be advised to consume when unpackaged (not intended as unpackaged)
  • Always preserve Shape - Tea cool dry place


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