SHAKLEE Chocolate Shake Mix 750g

Cinch® Shakes are a great tasting, nutritious way to help retain that all important muscle and keep you feeling full and satisfied while you lose weight.

These is natural product which burn fat at the same time retain lean protein muscles, which tone up the body, no more flabby body. As fat occupies more area than muscles, Cinch Shake Mix can reduce inches of every body parts quickly, which include arm, double chin, waist line, hip and thighs. 

More Tone Muscles = Greater Metabolism = Burn More Fat
Each serving of Cinch provides 24g of complete amino acids, 24 essentials nutrients and fibre and it is only product in the market that provides the most premium quality protein drink. Its main functions are repairing muscles tissue, develop lean muscles, increase metabolism, activates cells, burn calories and fat, thus reduce cholesterol and weight. More tone muscles help in burning fat. 

Secret of Cinch = Leucine (Primary Amino Acid)
Cinch meal replacement contains the complete low fat proteins which include 9 essential amino acids. Leucine from soybean and brown rice is the main fuel to burn fat, protect muscles tissue, stimulate the repair of skeletal muscles, skin and muscles tissue, reduce blood sugar and hep in developing HGH hormones that allow you to regain your youthful physical body and spirit. 

Key Benefits: 
. Burn Fat & Weight Loss 
. Greater Metabolism 
. High in Fiber 
. Secret of Cinch -- Leucine 
. Food Replacement 
. Loads of protein to help you feel satisfied and full


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