SHAKLEE CarotoMax® (30 capsules)  

Antioxidant Protection from Nature* 
Protection of Cells from the Inside* 

Achieve an enhanced level of antioxidant protection with Shaklee Carotomax®. Shaklee harnesses the antioxidant protection found in fruits, vegetables, and other plants by isolating and delivering more forms of natural carotenoids. You can’t get this level of purity from foods alone. 

Five Beneficial Carotenoids:  
The average daily intake of carotenoids lutein, lycopene, and beta carotene is only 8mg - Carotomax® provides over 13mg of these highly beneficial carotenoids 

. Contains concentrated extracts from tomatoes, microalgae, oil of palm, and marigold, among others.  
. Supports a strong immune system and helps maintain long term health. 

*The nutrient content of a daily serving of Carotomax is not the same as the nutrients found in the food shown. Detailed nutritional information can be found on the Carotomax supplement fact boxes. Every food provides nutrients beyond those listed on this chart. 

Key Benefits:  
. Improves Vision  
. Safer Than Vitamin A  
. Relieves Skin Disease  
. Protests Epithelial  
. Fights Cancer and oxidation  
. Promote Normal and Healthy Development  
. Prevents Infections


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