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(**价格均已包邮 / **All prices included postage fees)

颜色 / Colour:黑色,白色 / Black, White

材质 / Material:毛绒 / Plush

填充物 / Filling:PP棉 / PP Cotton

Product Details

尺寸 / Size:20cm;35cm;48cm;60cm;70cm

款式 / Style:(1)黑猫眯眼款 / Black & Squinted eyes

                    (2)黑猫睁眼款 / Black & Eyes open

                    (3)白猫眯眼款 / White & Squinted eyes

                    (4)白猫睁眼款 / White & Eyes open

T & C

♥ 欢迎光临CAOS ♥
为避免交易后产生纠纷,恳请亲们耐心读完以下提醒 :)


♥ 买家须知 ♥
CAOS 会尽力在48小时(工作日)内处理亲的订单 :)


2 我们会在货物出门前再3检查,确定好货才寄出
3 我们会尽力提供准确的货物咨询,但是我们不能确保每架电脑出现的图片与实货的颜色准确无误,而尺寸均有几公分的差距,这些都难以避免,所以一切以实物为准
4 ^ 货物出门,恕不退款


由于订单将会在亲下单后才交给厂商处理,所以请亲谅解这将会耗时(汇款后)大约2-3个星期 :)


了解一切后,亲们可以开始购物了噢 ♥
祝福各位有个愉快的购物旅程,楸咪 ♥♥

♥ Welcome to CAOS ♥
To avoid further conflict, please read all the T&C below :)


♥ Buyers’ notice ♥
CAOS will try our best to process your orders within 48 hours (working days) :)

1 Dearies must bank-in within 3 days after orders are comfirmed, or else your orders will be cancelled
2 We’ve double check all our product to make sure that they don’t contain any defect before delivery
3 We made our effort to provide you the most accurate product info, but please bear in mind that not all computers’ pixels are the same, therefore colour difference and length gap are unavoidable, hence all description are based on real products
4 ^ Goods sold are not refundable


Orders will be processed to the manufacturer after payments were made, so please understand that this will consume approximately 2-3 weeks time :)


After understanding all the T&C, dearies can begin your shopping ♥
CAOS wish that you’ll have a pleasant shopping experience here, enjoy ♥♥


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