• Knead It Underwater Epoxy Putty is a fast-setting, fiberglass-reinforced polymer compound that specially formulated to adhere to surfaces exposed to damp, wet or underwater (salt or fresh) conditions.
  • The modelling-clay like material eliminates drips and runs, facilitates adhesion to the substrate and allows the material to be shaped and formed as needed before curing begins.
  • Suitable for Interior or exterior use.​


  • Restore, repair & rebuild wet & underwater surfaces
  • Can be drilled, screwed, sawn, sanded, or painted.
  • Dries-off white.
  • Suitable for repair generators, water and fuel pumps, seal holes in foundations and outer walls, fiberglass, concrete, glass, metal wood and plastics.


Product Details

Handy Tips

  • Ensure the putty and hardener are mixed properly. Knead-It will become warm as it is mixed, A good indication its mixed properly is when you have a uniform colour, and feel a mild heat radiating from the knead-it.
  • To help determine when your knead it has set, keep a small piece off to check- when it is hard, it indicates your job is done.
  • Store in a cool place for maximum shelf life
  • Ensure the surface is dry before applying the product.

T & C

  • Strictly non-replacement for any circumstances
  • Irreplaceable if color is not up to expectation or buyer does not like the product
  • Strictly non returnable
  • This item ships nationwide, inclusive of Pen Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan
  • Delivery duration is depends on logistic, generally range from 3-7 working days.
  • Buyer will be notified upon parcel is shipped and a tracking number will be furnished.
  • Please expect delay on delivery.


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