A special potting mix suitable for all plants and is ready to be used to drain excessive water. It will help to prevent over watering and root rot. The well-balanced combination of peat moss and perlite which is rich with mineral that will improve the plant structure.


Specification :-

  • Ingredient :  70% Import&# 01d premium peat moss + 25% imported perlite + 4% vermiculate + 1% dolomite lime + other nutrients 
  • Each mixture is optimally formulated to meet the needs of cultivated plant.
  • Approximately about 5 liter
  • Peat moss is an important component of most potting soils and seed starting mediums. It holds several times its weight in moisture, and releases the moisture to the plants roots as needed. & 73t also holds onto nutrients so that they aren’t rinsed out of the soil when you water the plant.
  • Perlite is one of the best growing mediums around that helps improve drainage and aeration when mixed with potting mixes.
  • Dolomite lime provide plants with additional mineralof calcium, magnesium and carbonate  to improve growth and neutralize the acidity level of soils

Advantage #115 :-

  • Improves existing soil to build strong roots
  • Grows bigger, more beautiful plants Vs. unfed plants
  • Feeds up to 3 months
  • Improves aeration and drainage of the soil mixture. 
  • Store moisture and nutrients for plants. 
  • Has essentially neutral pH of 6.5 to 7.5. 
  • Is sterile and free of weeds and disease.


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