Seamanna Seaweed White Coffee 褐藻白咖啡

Packing: POUCH pack- 15条/sticks
Fucoidan is a water-soluble dietary fiber and is a very viscous component, combined by the trehalose into sulfuric acid group-comtaining polysaccharides. Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose rise can be suppressed; inhibition of blood coagulation, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. Also can enhance our internal organs function, prevent cancer and anti-allergic effects. Seaweed has been proven it have 3 anti-cancer effects. Suitable for chemotherapy crowds, lower immunity crowds, early and mid cancer patients, chronic patients and desire for health and beauty care crowds. Seaweed-Fucoidan containing collagen. Seamanna Seaweed White Coffee suitable for coffee lovers. Seamanna is using low caffeine white coffee which is processing with low and mild-temperature ( about 100℃ ); avoid from bitter andsour taste of normal process coffee about 250℃high-temperature which caused burden to stomach.

The 8 major reasons to drink Seaweed White Coffee
˙Increase energy and stamina
˙Rid the toxins in the body
˙Prevention cholesterol to composition in the blood
˙Repair the body cells
˙Helps to promote blood circulation
˙Ease periodicity migraine, paralysis, arthritis
˙Treatment of gout
˙Treatment of diabetes



Product Details

Nutrition information:           *For every 100g of SEAWEED WHITE COFFEE powder / 每100公克的褐藻白咖啡内含

 Energy / 能量

 444kcal / 千卡

 Protein / 蛋白质

 3.9g / 公克

 Total Fat / 总脂肪

 16.8g / 公克 

 -Saturated Fat / 饱和脂肪

 16.4g / 公克

 -Trans Fat / 反式脂肪

 0g / 公克

 Total Carbohydrate / 总碳水化合物

 73.4g / 公克

 -Dietary Fibre / 膳食纤维

 4.1g / 公克 

 -Sugars / 糖

 37.7g / 公克 

 Sodium / 钠

 292mg / 毫 


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