Seamanna Seaweed Tongkat Ali White Coffee 东革阿里褐藻白咖啡

Packing: BOX pack- 10条/sticks
Fucoidan is a water-soluble dietary fiber and is a very viscous component, combined by the trehalose into sulfuric acid group-comtaining polysaccharides. Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose rise can be suppressed; inhibition of blood coagulation, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. Also can enhance our internal organs function, prevent cancer and anti-allergic effects. Seaweed has been proven it have 3 anti-cancer effects. Suitable for chemotherapy crowds, lower immunity crowds, early and mid cancer patients, chronic patients and desire for health and beauty care crowds. Seaweed-Fucoidan containing collagen. Seamanna Seaweed White Coffee suitable for coffee lovers. Seamanna is using low caffeine white coffee which is processing with low and mild-temperature ( about 100℃ ); avoid from bitter and sour taste of normal process coffee about 250℃high-temperature which caused burden to stomach.

Efficacy of Tongkat Ali
• Promote our testosterone secretion by up to 4.4 times, and also promote secondary human development
• Promote human body muscle growth, maintainenergetic, relieve depressed mood, and reducestress and anxiety
• Repair and  nourish  gonads, reproductive system,relieve symptoms of prostatitis
• Strengthen body's blood circulation and metabolism, improve endocrine system and enhancebody immune function
• Diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism(gout), headache also significant role 
• Anti-virus, anti-cancer and anti-AIDS as adjuvanttherapy
• Life extension, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, improvecognitive ability
• Reduce the risk of heart disease, myocardialinfarction and Alzheimer's disease
• Postpartum tonic and to speed up the body recoverafter childbirth
• Anti-ulcer, abatement of fever, allergic reactions,tuberculosis, anti-malaria, jaundice
• Prevent osteoporosis, increase energy levels
• Helps adapt to stress, reduce pain

褐藻醣胶是一种水溶性纤维以及是一种黏性成分是由海藻糖结合的成的含硫酸基的多糖,能抑制胆固醇,血压,血糖的上升;抑制血液的凝固,因而能防止动脉硬化和血栓形成。还具有增进身体器官功能,预防癌症及抗过敏的作用。褐藻具有被证实的三大抗癌功效。  适合化疗人士,免疫力低下人士,早中期癌症患者,慢性病者,要保健护肤人士。褐藻醣胶含胶原蛋白。 


• 促進自身睾酮分泌,最高可提升4.4倍,促進人體二次發育
• 促進人體肌肉增長、保持旺盛精力、舒緩低落情緒及抑鬱、減緩壓力與憂慮
• 修復和滋補性腺、生殖系統、緩解前列腺炎症狀
• 加強人體血液循環及新陳代謝、改善內分泌系統、增強自身免疫功能
• 對糖尿病、高血壓、風濕病(痛風)、頭痛亦有顯著作用
• 抗病毒,可作為抗癌和抗艾滋病的輔助治療
• 延壽、抗氧化、抗衰老、改善認知能力
• 降低心臟病、心肌梗塞及老年癡呆症的罹患風險
• 產後滋補品、加快產後身體恢復
• 抗潰瘍、退熱、抗過敏反應、肺結核、抗瘧疫、黃疸
• 預防骨質疏鬆症,增加能量水平
• 幫助適應能力,減輕疼痛

Product Details

Nutrition information:   *For every 100g of STA WHITE COFFEE powder / 每100公克的东革阿里褐藻白咖啡内含

 Energy / 能量

 437kcal / 千卡

 Protein / 蛋白质

 3.3g / 公克

 Total Fat / 总脂肪

 14.6g / 公克 

 -Saturated Fat / 饱和脂肪

 14.4g / 公克

 -Trans Fat / 反式脂肪

 0g / 公克

 Total Carbohydrate / 总碳水化合物

 76.2g / 公克

 -Dietary Fibre / 膳食纤维

 3.1g / 公克 

 -Sugars / 糖

 32.9g / 公克 

 Sodium / 钠

 236mg / 毫 



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