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Scholl has been looking after feet for over 100 years, ever since the company's founder,Dr William Mathias Scholl, made it his life-long mission to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet.
This dedication remains as strong as ever and, with the advent of our innovations and new technologies, we are able to provide an ever growing range of footwear, foot care and leg care solutions.
With our long heritage, Scholl is dedicated to developing products that aid, nurture, pamper and care for your feet and legs. Strut your stuff in comfort in Scholl’s foot care, compression stockings and footwear.

Why Velvet Smooth Express Pedi?

The Velvet Smooth Express Pedi has a detachable roller element and an ergonomic form for the easy removal of surplus skin even at small, inaccessible places. The device roller bears microgranulated particles that ensure the gentle and easy removal of calluses without damaging the intact skin layers in just 3 mins.






Soft, beautiful feet in an instant.


The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is an electric foot file for the professional removal of hard skin skin at home. Its roller surface furnished with microgranulates removes excess hard skin in no time and almost magically softens the soles of your feet starting with the first use. 


Easier than ever before! The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi functions without any sharp blades and is furnished with a safety stop that stops the device as soon as too much pressure is applied to the skin.

  • Spins to gently buff away rough, hard skin at the feet
  • Beautifully smooth feet in just moments
  • Ergonomically shaped soft-touch handle
  • Specially designed Micralumina™ roller head
  • Ready to use with batteries included
  • Washable and replaceable roller head


Velvet Smooth

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover and four AA batteries

Gentle on your feet and easy to use, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File quickly helps you achieve soft, silky feet. This electronic foot file is designed to remove hard skin for smooth results after just one use. It buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with smooth feet you'll want to show off. This battery-operated unit is ready to use and includes four AA batteries.

Exfoliates Quickly and Easily

The skin on your feet is 20 times thicker than on the rest of your body, so it helps to do “something special” for the appearance of your feet. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File is specially designed with a Micro alumina roller head to quickly and easily remove tough, lifeless skin by exfoliating the foot through a gentle and safe rotating action.

Safe and Ergonomic

This Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File contains no sharp blades, so it’s safe to use, and it has an ergonomically shaped head for easy handling. The roller surface with micro abrasive particles works gently to remove dead skin and leave you with smooth feet.

Battery-operated with micro abrasive roller


Easy to Get Started
Insert the roller into the device, making sure it is fully engaged. Insert the batteries and turn on the device. For best results, your feet should be clean and dry.

Integrated safety stop prevents excess pressure


Simple Operation
Move the unit in regular passes over the dry, dead skin, applying light to medium pressure. Continue with regular passes until the dead skin is removed and your feet feel silky soft. Stop if the skin becomes sore or inflamed.


Finish by applying a foot balm or cream


Moisturize after Use
Wipe or rinse feet to remove any excess dead skin and thoroughly dry feet. Finish by applying a foot balm or cream, such as Scholl Velvet Smooth Daily Foot Cream Moisturizer.


Use until feet feel soft and smooth


Individualize Your Treatment
Use in successive sessions until your feet feel soft and are free from hard skin. Treatment length is different for each individual and depends on how much pressure is placed on your feet during daily activities, exercise, and the fit of your shoes.


No pre-soaking required


For Use on Dry Skin Only
Do not soak your feet before using the Scholl Velvet Smooth . This will make it impossible for the hard skin to be effectively removed. The device should be used on dry skin only.


Replaceable roller head


Replace Roller Head as Needed
One roller head is included with the gadget. The roller head should be replaced when it is worn and is available for purchase separately. The wear depends on the intensity and duration of the treatment sessions.


How to Use

It's so easy to use -gently rotate the file over hard skin and see the dead skin dissappear.

Retain the outer packaging for future reference. See inside for full instructions.


Using for the First Time

  1. Unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction and remove.
  2. Remove and dispose of both the red insulator tab and the plastic ring.
  3. Replace the base of the unit and screw in a clockwise direction until secure.
  4. Follow the directions for Regular Usage.



Regular Usage

  1. Remove the protective roller cover before use.
  2. Ensure that the roller head is securely inserted into the unit. Do not use without the roller head attached.
  3. Turn on by twisting the silver ring to the left and gently glide the rollerhead over heard skin and the dead skin will gradually exfoliate. Use only on dry skin. Do not press too hard, or the unit will stop.
  4. Turn off and check if you have achieved the softness you desire. If not, turn on and repeat until the level of smoothness is obtained.
  5. Once you feet are starting to resemble smooth, happy feet again, breathe a sigh of relief.
  6. Turn off by twisting the silver ring to the right.
  7. Wipe or rinse feet to remove excess dead skin particles.
  8. Thoroughly dry feet
  9. Apply moisturiser and massage into your fabulous smooth feet!



Cleaning after use

The Velvet Smooth™ with Diamond Crystals Electronic Foot File is not waterproof. Detach and wash the roller head to clean the surface.

  1. Turn the unit off.
  2. Remove the roller by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away.
  3. Rinse the roller head under the tap.
  4. Clean the body of the unit with a clean damp cloth.
  5. Dry both the roller head and main unit with a clean dry cloth.
  6. Replace the roller and the protective cover.



Changing the Roller Head

For the perfect finishing touch use Velvet Smooth™ with Diamond Crystals Soft Touch Roller Head. For very hard, stubborn skin Velvet Smooth™ with Dicamond Crystals Extra Coarse Roller Head. Replace the roller head when you find it becomes less effective. Use only Scholl Velvet Smooth Roller Heads with this product.

  1. Ensure that the unit is turned off.
  2. Remove the roller by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away.
  3. Place the new roller into the unit by pressing in the pins on either sides of the roller head and inserting the head into the device.
  4. Check that the roller head is securely attached to the device before use



Changing the Batteries

  1. Unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction.
  2. Remove the base and remove the used batteries.
  3. Insert 4 new new AA batteries in the directions indicated on the unit.
  4. Replace the base and screw in a clockwise dorection until secure.
  5. Do not mix old and new batteries or alkaline and standard batteries. Do not use rechargable batteries. Used batteries must be recycled or disposed of correctly.


Products showing the 'Crossed Through' wheelie bin symbol must be recycled separately from household waste at the end of their useful life. Please DO NOT dispose of appliance in normal household waste. Your local appliance retailer may operate a 'take-back' scheme when you are ready to purchase a replacement product, alternatively contact your local government authority for further help and advice on where to take your appliance for recycling.




For use on hard skin on the feet only. Use only on dry (not wet) skin. Do not use the device anywhere else on the body. Only use for its intended purpose. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in the same area for more than 3-4 seconds at a time. Stop use immediately if irritation or discomfort occurs. Do not use on broken, sore or irritated skin. Do not submerge the device in water. This product is not suitable for diabetics and those with poor blood circulation. Keep long hair and clothing away from the device when in use.



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