Based on state of the art 1Ynm X3 flash technology, the SanDisk X300 SSD SATA SAS PCIe delivers performance with high reliability and low power. It features nCache 2.0, SanDisk's next generation tiered caching technology, designed to improve SSD responsiveness for most corporate and consumer workloads. 

nCache 2.0 Technology 
nCache 2.0 uses a combination of SLC and X3/TLC flash blocks to improve endurance, increase efficiency, and boost performance. By first writing all of the data to SLC blocks, the write amplification on the X3 blocks is minimized. 

DataGuard Client 
The X300 SSD also includes a new and robust on-the-fly error handling mechanism called DataGuard Client. It uses page-level striping with distributed parity for an added layer of data protection and can recover errors that other traditional error correction mechanisms cannot. 

Low Power 
The X300 utilizes a SATA DEVSLP low-power mode to minimize its power consumption during idle periods. DEVSLP enables the SSD to completely shut off its SATA PHY, thus resulting in much lower power consumption compared to SATA Slumber. This increases the amount of usable hours per battery charge, which is essential for modern mobile devices. 

SanDisk SSDs can improve total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing downtime due to hard drive failures. They also offer lower latency and greater read/write speeds over traditional HDDs6. IT departments can extend the useful life of their PC inventory by upgrading the HDDs to the X300 SSD, thus prolonging replacement cycles and maximizing asset value.


Product Details


Brand: SanDisk

Series: X300

Model: SD7SB6S-128G-1122

Device Type: Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Used For: Consumer


Form Factor: 2.5"

Capacity: 128GB

Interface: SATA III


Max Sequential Read: Up to 520 MBps

Max Sequential Write: Up to 415 MBps

4KB Random Read: Up to 73,000 IOPS

4KB Random Write: Up to 40,000 IOPS

MTTF: Up to 1,750,000 hours

T & C


1 Year Warranty

- Please do not stick any sticker at any part of the harddisk, it will void the warranty

- Please contact our warranty department at:

Comp Solution

GF39, Ground Floor, Terminal 2, Jalan Era Square 4, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06-767 2082 / 2911 Fax: 06-767 2911



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