It difficult to enjoy your favorite music at home due to lack of source when all you want to do is just to succumb to the true cinematic sound and save yourself from the hassle waiting in line to get your movie ticket. But those days has passed with Samsung HT-H7550WM 7.1 SMART 3D!

Introducing the Samsung HT-H7550W, now you can enjoy your favorite music everywhere! Complete with the Samsung Multiroom Link mobile app that can control volume and music on your new system including TV, Soundbar Home Entertainment System and Blu-ray Disc Player!

Valve Amplifier
Thanks to the Valve Amplifier now you can enjoy cinematic sound at your home. It delivers warm, rich and realistic sound that feels much more likely to your ears and dips you in your amazing entertainment. The built-in Valve Amplifier combines with digital amplifier technology to produce sound that is more pure and powerful while minimizing ambient noise and distortion, so you can enjoy your listening experience with great clarity.

Entertainment at your Fingertip
Now you can enjoy the very latest movies and other entertainment at home with your own terms. No more waiting in line, no more crowded places because with the Samsung HT-H7550W it’s all delivered straight to you thanks to Samsung Smart Content. Now you can have easy access to a range of great video on demand services including Netflix and more. From the biggest current smash hit to u underground gems and even the timeless classics, you will soon have an endless library of latest and classic movies or music.

Complete your entertainment library with stunningly realistic HD audio. With the HT-H7550W you can be sure that it will reproduces the quality and richness of the original sound much more accurately and vividly, soon will make you feel closer to the sound of live audio.

On Those Social Networks NOW
With the HT-H7550W, now it’s even easier for you to get closer to friends and family from the comfort of your living room. All thanks to Samsung’s Smart Content that makes it simple to access online social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so go connect, chat and share with ease. In addition with the YouTube app, you can also explore and enjoy a world of great video content including the latest worldwide sensations.

Expand your audience!
With Surround Sound Expansion, your Samsung audio expands the optimal listening area and elevates the height of the sound to the level of the TV screen. There will be no more guest who left behind! Grab now before it’s too late.


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