Product Description
This intelligence Competition Speed Timer improves your memory, hand flexibility, activates your imagination and creativity. It is perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience.

Product Specification
Product Name : Competition Speed Timer V3
Brand Name : QiJi
Material : ABS Plastic
Measurement : 280mm x 50mm x 20mm
Weight : 200g
Body Colour : Black

* Ideal for speed cube and cup stack racing
* Test the playing time accurately and exactly 
* Powered by 2x AAA batteries (Not included)
* With a special function, connect with computer, computer will show the competition time 
* Bar-shaped design with LED light indicator

QiJi's Speed Timer v3 is built up based on v2 with additional new features. It can connect to computer and display on the monitor. It is more convenient to change batteries from button batteries to 2 pieces of AAA size batteries. The enhancement of the iron buckle is more valuable and practical.

Firstly, before connecting to the computer, download Java zipped file from and unzip it. Double click "CALCubeTimer.jar" to execute the file. If the file could not be executed directly, right click the file and choose JAVA to open file. Secondly, if your computer does not install Java program, do download from and install immediately. After the installation, double click CALCubeTimer.jar to execute CCT program.

Note: This Speed Timer has to connect to microphone port to your computer. Batteries AAA size are not included in this package.

How to use:
1. Install 2x AAA battery
2. Press the “Power” button, the red light and green light will be flashing
3. When the screen displays 0:00, put your both hands on the sensors, it starts time when you release hands
4. When you put your hands on the sensors again, it finishes and the screen will show the used time
5. Press “Reset” button for next competition

Package Included
1 x QiJi Competition Speed Timer V3 In The Box
1 x Computer Linked Cable



【 品 名 】:三代魔方比赛专用计时器
【 品 牌 】:奇积
【 材 质 】:ABS环保塑料
【 尺 寸 】:280mm x 50mm x 20mm
【 重 量 】:200g
【 底 色 】:黑色

* 适合速解魔方和速叠杯竞赛
* 准确测试游戏时间
* 仅需2节AAA电池(不包含)
* 能与电脑连接,屏幕会显示比赛时间
* 条形设计,LED指示灯


首先,解压之后,看到的是很多乱七八糟文件。如果你的电脑安装过java程序的话,直接双击CALCubeTimer.jar(下载地址: )就可以运行了。如果不能直接打开的话,就在程序上点右键,然后选择使用java打开。 其次,如果你的电脑没有安装过java程序的话,请先安装java,可以到官网上去下载,附上地址:,安装了之后,双击CALCubeTimer.jar就可以运行CCT了。 



1 x 奇积三代魔方比赛专用计时器盒装
1 x 电脑连接电缆

T & C

Return/exchange is allowed within 7 days with the following conditions:
- Wrong item is dispatched;
- Timer is malfunction.

Postage of return to Seller shall be borne by Buyer whereas postage for dispatch out to Buyer is borne by Seller.


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