Product Description
The AoLong GT 3x3 speed cube has the patent of multicircle inner track technology. The design of 5 inner circle track brings out better stability. By using the technology of core extracting plastic injection, the stability and smoothness of the cube is improved. The oblique upward inserted corner avoids corner twist, and bigger arcs enhance the corner cut ability. This speed cube looks more sophisticated thanks to the seamless appearance. In total it's a high-end professional speed cube for the fast cubers.

Product Specification
Product Name : 3x3x3 Layers AoLong GT Rubik's Cube
Brand Name : MoYu
Material : ABS Plastic
Measurement : 57mm x 57mm x 57mm
Weight : 130g
Body Colour : Black
Sticker : PVC

Package Included
1 x 3x3x3 AoLong GT Cube In The Box
1 x Chinese Instructions Manual



【 品 名 】:三阶傲龙GT魔方
【 品 牌 】:魔域
【 材 质 】:ABS环保塑料
【 尺 寸 】:57mm x 57mm x 57mm
【 重 量 】:130g
【 颜 色 】:黑色
【 贴 纸 】:光面

1 x 三阶冠龙魔方盒装
1 x 中文教学手册

T & C

Return/exchange is allowed within 7 days with the following conditions:
- Wrong item is dispatched;
- Stickers are torn;
- Cube pieces have broken;

Postage of return to Seller shall be borne by Buyer whereas postage for dispatch out to Buyer is borne by Seller.


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