Product Description
The DaYan ZhanChi is the fifth cube of the DaYan series and is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the market. Here are the features breakdown: 
- Fast and light
- Incredibly flexible with corner cutting
- Turns easily click into place
- Features built-in torpedoes that minimize popping

In summary, the LunHui has a very “substantial” feel that makes turning extremely enjoyable. Also, the combination between its smoothness and its solidity allows you to turn your heart out without pops or lockups. Have fun being indestructible.

Product Specification
Product Name : 3x3x3 Layers ZhanChi 57mm Rubik's Cube
Brand Name : DaYan
Material : ABS Plastic
Measurement : 57mm x 57mm x 57mm
Weight : 130g
Body Colour : Black
Sticker : PVC

Package Included
1 x 3x3x3 ZhanChi 57mm Cube In The Box


大雁展翅沿用了大雁轮回的“角卡棱”式的设计, 把角块和棱块的内部改得更为流线形。转动时的顺滑度比起大雁轮回有了很大的改进。由于棱块有了像展开的翅膀的设计。所以命名为展翅。这个展开的翅膀部份也起了防止飞棱的作用,所以这款魔方刚推出市场时,关于用不用安装棱块小卡脚这一点,玩家们有过一番讨论。但可以肯定的是大雁展翅是一款性能十分强的魔方。

2012年8月份推出的小尺寸大雁展翅魔方。 分别推出了55mm版,50mm版和42mm版。

【 品 名 】:三阶展翅57mm魔方
【 品 牌 】:大雁
【 材 质 】:ABS环保塑料
【 尺 寸 】:57mm x 57mm x 57mm
【 重 量 】:130g
【 底 色 】:黑色
【 贴 纸 】:光面

1 x 三阶展翅57mm魔方盒装

T & C

Return/exchange is allowed within 7 days with the following conditions:
- Wrong item is dispatched;
- Stickers are torn;
- Cube pieces have broken.

Postage of return to Seller shall be borne by Buyer whereas postage for dispatch out to Buyer is borne by Seller.


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