色泽   一般优质天然玛瑙有玻璃和油质光泽,天然图案色泽艳丽明快,自然纯正,光洁细润;纹理自然流畅,最主要的是玛瑙上有渐变色,其颜色分明,层次感强,条带明显。而品质一般的玛瑙的色彩和光泽均要差一些。通常玛瑙的颜色决定了它的升值潜力。各种级别的玛瑙,都以红、蓝、紫、粉红为最好,颜色要透亮,且应该无杂质、无沙心、无裂纹。

保养方法   首先,要注意不要碰撞硬物或是掉落,不使用时应收藏在质地柔软的饰品盒内。要尽量避免与香水、化学剂液、肥皂或是人体汗水接触,以防受到侵蚀,影响玛瑙的鲜艳度。

功效    玛瑙是、护身符使用,象征友善的爱心和希望。将你的愿望传入自然界,多能心想事成。夏天佩带玛瑙不仅时尚、漂亮而且能降温,防止中暑等。玛瑙以其色彩丰富、美丽多姿而被当做宝石或作工艺制品
1. We must be careful not to fall or collision with hard objects , do not use the collections should be in a soft jewelry box. To try to avoid contact with perfume, liquid chemicals , soap or body sweat , prevent erosion , the impact of vividness agate .
2.  We must pay attention to avoid heat sources such as sunlight , stoves , because agate expands when exposed to heat , molecular gap increases affect jade , continuous exposure to high temperature , but also lead agate burst. Agate usually try to avoid placing the sun , regular cleaning to keep clean , able to do so occasionally pure blisters can add moisture to maintain humidity agate will be more beautiful.
3. Small pieces of jewelry when not wearing the best placed dark, dank place , close to the original ecology of agate best storage environment , especially water bile agate is formed on the inside there are natural water period , if the current surrounding environment is very dry, it will cause inside the natural evaporation of water , thus losing artistic and economic value of its collection .

1. Agate is the use of amulets , a symbol of friendly love and hope. The desire to pass your nature , and more can all wishes come true .
2 . Agate wearing summer not only stylish, but also pretty cool to prevent heat stroke and so on .
3. Agate with its rich colors , beautiful scene is as gemstones or for craft products

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