Reparil-Gel N 20g

100g Reparil-Gel N contain
Aescin 1.0g
Diethylamine salicylate 5.0g

Aescin : a compound extracted and isolated from horse chestnut seeds (Aesculus hippocastanum) with anti-oedema and anti-inflammatory properties

For all localized swellings resulting from inflammatory;
* Traumatic lesions
Contusions, sprains, crush injuries, haematomas, tenosynovitis and muscle pain. Painful conditions of the vertebral column (Disc lesions, neck pain, lumbago, sciatica)
* Venous disorder
Superficial thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, leg ulcers and pre-varicose states. For the care of veins after injections and infusions

Reparil – Gel N is a special preparation with a triple effect:
:arrow: it reduces swelling
:arrow: an anti-inflammatory effect and
:arrow: relieves pain

Aescin, in a form which penatrates the skin, inhibits the accumulation of fluid in the tissues and reduces tissue swelling. Local swelling, which causes sensations of heaviness and tension, is rapidly eliminated. It effectively combats inflammatory processes.

The salicylic compound enhances the anti-inflammatory action and is extremely effective for relieving deep-seated pain

Reparil-Gel N does not make the skin greasy, does not smear and is therefore particularly clean and pleasant to use
:!: Reparil-Gel N should not be applied to broken skin, mucous membranes or skin areas exposed to radiotherapy
:!: Reparil-Gel N should not come into contact with the eyes




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