1. 於潔膚後,將面膜調整均勻服貼柔順覆蓋全臉,15-20 分鐘後移除
  2. 早或晚使用,建議每週使用 3-5 次
  3. 皮膚敏感者,使用前請先做敏感測試,無刺激反應再使用

 Capacity: 10 / box


With Japan's top wood pulp paper, the high concentration of hyaluronic acid micro processing, small molecule hyaluronic feature make it more flexible, allowing penetration of the best ingredients, the effect can be better, with a variety of natural plant extracts, long-term keep skin supple, delicate, white.


Apart from a small molecule hyaluronic acid formulations, but also a collection of coenzyme Q10, collagen, aloe vera three large main ingredients, make the skin more elastic.


Apply this mask, experience the charm of a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and a variety of natural plant extracts.


Be exhaustive no matter in moisturizing, whitening, firming or anti-aging, can form a continuous protective film to prevent moisture loss and maintain supple state, play a compact smooth effect if regular use.


The high concentrations of plant extracts add moisture without sticky feeling.


3 to 5 times a week can give your skin a new vitality.


Use it before make up could make the make up more shiny and lasting.

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