Shift method, the thumb switch can shift light nod unit.
The voltage input range is 3.7V, CREE LED operating current is 500mA

Not recommended for use when underwater, is waterproof not water use Oh!

[Size] Length: 435MM, head diameter 38MM, 34MM diameter tail

 Weight 457 g (without battery)

Product description as follows:

1, Material: Aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum imported polyester lens, exquisite workmanship ,, high strength and durable

2, sealing, and has a good life waterproof, can use a normal rainy day, personally test after electrify put in water for five minutes, remove still working properly.

3, well-designed high-grade aluminum reflector lamp cup, concentrating effect.

4. Using a 18650 battery-powered, portable, adapt the brightness select a variety of circumstances, is the most dazzling of portable outdoor lighting products, the United States imported CREE Q5 LED life of up to 100,000 hours.

Life of up to six to eight hours or more

Five-speed dimming: high - medium - low - Baoshan -SOS

A. light,

B. in the light,

C. Low light,

D. Baoshan,

E.SOS, SOS international distress signal (three short \ three long \ three short)

Three stalls in current ratio, respectively: 100%, 30%, 5%

5. The main purpose of outdoor activities (hiking, camping, hunting, etc.); Professional requirements (such as the appreciation of jewelry, gambling stone, etc.); for the family standing.


Flashlight Description

I. Description With Switch
   1. The battery is positive inward (cap side). Negative outward (tail).
   2. The switch in the tail. Switch Function heavy press switch is a switch function, tap the switch is dimming

Second, the circuit board for use

1 OUR torch using advanced voltage constant current technology, can effectively solve the LED flashlight for constant current regulator requirements;
2. Special Note:
   Do not use super pressure, voltage should not exceed 4.2V;
   Battery cathode forward, not inverted, otherwise it will burn board;
   NOTE control flashlight temperature changes, to ensure heat dissipation;
   Non-professionals do not open the circuit board;
3, Warranty: Open or treated boards are no longer under warranty.

Third, the lithium battery instructions
1, the main flashlight battery 18650 lithium batteries;
2, Li-ion battery features: lithium batteries and battery charging in a completely different way; lithium batteries have no memory, you can always use at any time to charge, do not overcharge and over discharge;
3. The first charge 6 hours at least, after the green light on the charger according to it. We did not need to overcharge.
4, lithium batteries naturally discharge rate when not in use, the release date of their charge every day large amount of 1% or less, although slowly, but the anti-place too long;
5, pay attention to the battery waterproof, moisture, drop, etc;
6, special tips to use anti-overcharge, anti-reverse, anti-short circuit, "three" charger;
7, do not use the battery for a long time, should be stored fully charged, the normal three months or so and then charge and discharge time;
8, Warranty: after battery factory no longer covered by the warranty.

Fourth, the flashlight instructions
1, the flashlight when in use, according to a flashlight battery voltage and asked to choose, do not mess with, to prevent burn circuit boards, different models, different voltage batteries Do not use;
2, in use, when the brightness change significantly when the flashlight to turn off the flashlight, causing the battery to prevent over discharge;
3, cooling techniques: the torch during use, to ensure heat dissipation. Strongly urge the battery is fully charged, it is best to use second gear, this can make the flashlight and batteries was extended lamp life of the product! Clenched hand torch is a better heat dissipation;
   Recommendations should be promptly placed lit torches of the heat generation by the heat or turn off until the temperature down and then lit to heat;
4, for a description of the torch waterproof, shockproof, and strengthen prevention;
5, the inner wall of the lamp cup kept clean, absolutely can not wipe your hand or a hard object; remove fingerprints on the lens, the available cotton swab lens cleaner and gently wipe;
6, can not direct people's eyes light flashlight, bright glare, so as not to affect vision, especially children;
7. If not using the flashlight remove the batteries (one month or longer), avoid chemical corrosion.

V. Protection Description
1. Do not torch a long-term and sunlight, water, chemicals and corrosive gases and other contacts, to avoid damage to the protective layer flashlight:
2, in order to maintain the "O" ring and screw rotating smoothly, press 2-3 times a year on its surface wipe Vaseline oil;

V. Troubleshooting
1. Check the battery: Make sure the battery has power and insert the battery in the correct direction, do not use different brands of batteries not mix old and new batteries;
2, check the tail cover: Ensure that the switch has been tightened and a good contact to ensure that the end cap pillars and tail cover good contact pressure ring of metal sheet;
3, note that the cap is loose.

This product is a result of high brightness, close to the eyes may make people dizzy direct dazzle, please be sure to keep a good flashlight, do not let the children direct exposure to the eye

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