Tea egg is a kind of alkaline food which is cooked with medicinal spices. It not only whets the appetite, but also good for liver and disperse alcohol. Thus, it is suitable for all ages. Besides being served alone, it can also be sliced or crushed to de served with hamburger, toast and salad or goes with the wine. It is ideal as both a party snack as well as a satisfying meal.








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Ingredient: Angelica Sinensis, Ligusticum Wallichil, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, peper, Fennel, and selected Chinese tea leaves.
Cooking hints:
  1. Boil egg thoroughly, lightly beat the eggshell to get even cracks.
  2. Add the Purple Cane Tea Egg Spices and eggs into the pot. Then pour in water to cover up the egg and cook for 30 minutes over moderate heat.
  3. Add some salt, soy sauce and rock sugar, let it summer for another 3 hours and it is ready to be served.
For 15~20 eggs
*The tea egg soup is not recommended for drinking because it is bitter after simmering.
  1. 鸡蛋用水煮熟,捞出轻轻敲打蛋壳,使裂痕均匀但不破碎。
  2. 锅中放入[紫藤茶叶蛋配料]和1之鸡蛋,倒入水浸过鸡蛋,以中火煮30分钟。
  3. 加入盐,酱油及冰糖各少许,以慢火煮三小时,入味后即可食用。

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