普洱茶原产地来自云南省西双版纳勐海 , 陈香的独特香气 , 滋味醇厚回甘。Tea origin from Xishuangbanna Menghai, Chen Xiang's unique aroma, mellow taste sweet.

普洱茶拥有减肥健美 , 消食去腻 , 清热解暑 , 祛风解表 , 延年益寿等功效。Pu'er tea has weight loss bodybuilding, digestion to greasy, Qingre Qufeng solution form, longevity and other effects.

Product Details

泡饮方法: 开水洗温之后 , 将茶叶放入 , 用沸腾的开水冲泡后 , 即可饮用 , 浸泡不宜过久 , 一分钟后即可出水 , 一次茶叶可以连泡数次。

Brewing method: warm water after opening the tea into, after brewing with boiling water, you can drink, soak should not be too long, you can water a minute later, the first bubble tea can be connected several times.

贮存方法: 避免放置高温多湿处或阳光直射的场所 

Storage: Avoid placing at high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight

Packing Weight ±10gram x 25sachets

包装重量: ±10gram x 25sachets

Packing Size ±9.5cm(w)x22.5cm(h)x9.5cm(l)

包装尺寸: ±9.5cm(w)x22.5cm(h)x9.5cm(l)

T & C

Shipping & Delivery

  1. 西马:免费送货上门(1-3个工作日)West Malaysia : Free delivery (1-3 working days)
  2. 产品只能传送到投递地址是一个家庭或办公室的地址。Product can only deliver to a delivery address which is a home or office address.


Returns Policy

  1. 如有材料短缺,交货日期会另行通知。In case of materials shortage, delivery date may subject to notification.
  2. 商品售后概不退还。Goods sold are not returnable.
  3. 货物售出恕不接纳退回除了误送不对的产品例外。All goods sold are not returnable except in the event of incorrect item delivered.
  4. 如有误送任何不对的产品,请连同印本发票单并第一时间联系电邮kee_lee_top@hotmail.com或致电: 017-5151665安排回退。.  Any exchange or return due to incorrect item delivered must notify seller together with copy of Invoice/ DO through or call: 017-5151665


辦公時間:星期一至六 9:00am - 6:00pm(公供假期除外)

Our office hours: Monday - Saturday 9.00am-6.00pm(except public holiday) 


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