It is a personalized gift , you can change the flashing letters. Only by pressing down, you can change it. It is a practical item,can be suitable for different demands and show different contents. The advertising contents only can be changed by USB cable, theoretical you can change the message up to 10,000 times. LED advertising flashing fan make a celver rotating item. For the persistence of human vision, the fan can display some flashing letters or patterns when it moves. As a novelty advertising gift, it is welcomed by both women and men. It can display your company logo and make it more attractive than normal advertising gifts. There must be one which is suitable for you.
• The message fan is equipped with a powerful micro motor which performs low noise, long service time, long-playing rotating without jitter and good stability.
• It is suitable for various computers and electrical equipment provided with USB interface, wherein the fan is suitable for both USB1.1 and USB2.0.
• USB interface or DC5V for power supply, external power supply can also be used. The fan is energy efficient and environmentally-friendly, and the power consumption is about 250 mA.
• Plug and play can be realized. Fresh breeze and clear letters can be produced just by plugging the fan into the USB interface and pressing the switch.
• The fan body uses the metal hose, so it can be arbitrary bended in order to blow in any direction.
• The fan blade is provided with LED soft board, so the fan can show LED advertising texts and patterns during rotating, and the advertising texts, patterns, letters, figures and so on can also be made according to the requirements of customers. It supports 6 paragraphs texts with different contents, each paragraph can reach up to 16 characters.
• Various advertising content display: the fan can literally display from left to right or from right to left; can literally display from middle to both sides or from both sides to the middle; and can display the advertising content in positive sequence or inverted sequence.
• The burner fan is available for the on-site connection with computers and personalized and adaptable content. The stock of content can be up to 2 k, and the rewriting times can reach up to tens of thousands.
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led message fan application
11LEDs Message Fan would make you feel cool in the summer. Which can show any words or simple patterns, including English letters, numbers, and common punctuation marks as you like.
Range of application:
Voltage:USB interface or DC5V (the current is less than 0.5A and the power is less than 0.25W).
The suitable environment:-10 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. It is normal that the case temperature of the motor is about 50 degrees Celsius during working.
1 When using, please don’t make the fan near the face and hair.
2 When using, please do not use hands to touch the fan blade and don’t force the fan to stop rotating.
3 Please do not press and squeeze the fan head so as not to damage the fan.
4 Please turn off the fan while you are away from the computers for long time.
5 Long-time running is prohibited for the fan with LED advertising texts or patterns. If the fan works continually for 8 hours, please turn off the power supply and restart after 10 minutes in order to prolong the service life of the LED and the motor.


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