Car Start-up                     

Size 18*7*3.5cm; 5.Weight: 690 g

Output: 12V 

Input: 14V/1A   

Starting current: 300A

Peak Current: 600A 

Operating temperature :-  -30℃ ~60℃

Capacity :13000 mah  

Life cycle   : >500 cycles

Product Details

Operating Instructions  :

Follow the below instruction when you want to re-start your vehicle when the vehicle battery is not working :-

  1. Press the switch to check the indicating light on the unit to ensure the indicating light is “GREEN” or “YELLOW”.
  2. Connect the RED clamp to the vehicle’s battery positive(+) terminal and connect the BLACK clamp to the vehicle’s battery negative (-) terminal.
  3. Start the vehicle to jump start the vehicle .
  4. When the vehicle is started, immediately disconnect the red and black clamps from the vehicle terminals.


Warnings :

  1. Make sure the indicating light is Green or Yellow before jump start. DO NOT jump start the vehicle when the indicating light is RED.  Charge to unit when then indicating light shows RED.
  2. DO NOT connect the clamps to the wrong terminal. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the jump starter battery unit.
  3. Always check if the jumper clamps are well connected. If the terninals or connectors are rusty or dirty, clean it before do the jump start.
  4. DO NOT jump start after 3 attempts otherwise the jump starter battery unit may be damaged or jump start cable may be damaged due to overheat.
  5. DO NOT connect the 2 clamps.
  6. DO NOT try to disassemble the jump starter battery unit as it cause warranty void and it may cause danger if the assembling work is not done professionally.




T & C

FREE SHIPMENT whintin Penisular Malaysia Only

WARRANTY :  1 month upon delivery  ( Note : Warranty cover battery unit only excluding accessories ).


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