This Professional cleaning kit is exclusively designed for cleaning digital and analog photographic devices, especially glass, plastic and multicoated lens and filters. Photographic devices should be cleaned softly and immediately after using. 
How to Use a Camera Lens Cleaning Kit:
  • Remove dust and impurities from the lens surface with the air blower or retractable brush
  • Spray the cleaning liquid to lens paper 1~2 times
  • Began to gently wipe by the vortex-type from the center of the lens surface to the outside, then use the lens wipe to clean again
  • For the viewfinder and other detailed place, please use the cotton swabs

How to Properly Clean a Camera Lens:
  • First use a can of air spray to remove loose dirt particles and dust. If you don't,  you     may rub a scratch onto the lens.
  • Now look at the lens and see if you see any debris or dirt particles. If something is there like lint, blow to remove it
  • Add a drop or two of Camera Lens cleaner or Eye glasses lens cleaner to the soft lint free cotton cloth. The cloth you use should be clean. An excellent source would be a clean white t-shirt
  • Gently rub the dampened cloth from the center to the edge of the camera
  • Now use another clean cloth or another section of the clean white t-shirt that isn't damp to remove any liquid residue on your camera


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