Premium Grade and natural material was selected to make this combo deal
We choose firm, high density, breathable and NATURAL material for excellent support and safety.
Natural Latex pillow with pin hole which is great ventilating. Coconut Fibre also a great breathable material and with firmer support,
therefore we choose Coconut Fibre mattress + Latex pillow Bolster
This Combo Deal Promotion include the below:
1. one piece Natual Latex Pillow for Newborn  (molded cavity to prevent infant Flat Head Syndrome)
2. two piece Natural Latex Bolster
3. one piece Natural Coconut Fibre Mattress (Firm back support than other material)
100%  Natural Latex Pillow for Baby (New Born)
Dimension:  L 29cm x W25 cm x H 3/4 cm
can use in baby cot, stroller , mattress
100% Natural Latex Baby Bolster
Dimension: 52cm (L) x 10cm (D)

Best Choice bolster for Baby made by 100% pure natural material
some parent would use as cushion  on the edge of baby cot, this is because baby might shift away, or roll over.
Generally, we don't recommend parent to put too many thing in baby cot such as stuff toy etc,this would increase the risk of accidental suffocation.
Therefore even using pillow and bolster in baby cot, parent have to understand baby movement and evaluate where and when to put.


Latex Pillow and Bolster

Superb Quality:

1. Only latex product get certificate Awarded By QAS SIRIM MALAYSIA.
2. Certificated Awarded by ECO UNWELT INSTITUTE, GERMANY
3. Certificated Awarded by LGA - MOBELPRUF INSTITUT, GERMANY
1.Clean & Safe
2.Conforming & Supportive
3.Comfort & Relief Pressure
4.Excellent Natural Ventilation
5.Hypo-allergenic & anti- microbial

Coconut Fibre Mattress

The item with 5 years warranty.

Dimension: 24" x 48" x 3"  or 60cm x 120cm x 8cm

The advantages of Coconut Fibre mattress for baby

1.coconut fibre mattress provide good air ventilation than normal P.U foam mattress, good ventilation and breathable feature would reduce body heat on the mattress and feel cooler.

2.coconut fibre mattress provide firmer support, parent widely use it in baby cot and playpen. there is durable and harder than other foam mattress.

3.coconut Fibre mattress made by natural coconut husk fibre bonded with natural latex, the process are go through steam heating to eliminates germs, fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms etc. this is another mattress choice for parent with environment and healthy concern.



1.Turn Free

2.Anti-dust mite

3.Firmer support

4.Minimum disturbance

5.Proper Back Support

6.100% Natural Coconut Fiber

7.Breathable, Air cooling ventilation

8.Non-Fluid Absorbency and Hygienic

9.Durable and Orthopedic Support


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