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Use Direction 使用法

Mix 5gm of ANT Premium Sambou Bamboo Salt with 1000ml plain water, and serve 1 ~ 2 bottle a day.

用5克的安大三宝姜柠竹盐加入一公升白开水中饮用,每天1 ~ 2 支作为保健。

Maintain the PH of our body, can neutralize the acidic toxin in our body rapidly such as uric, high blood sugar, high cholesterol etc. To improve the digestive system problem like gastropathy, gastric ulcer, intestinal disorder, hemorrhoids or constipation. Premium bamboo salt is very suitable for cold Constitution to eat, its lemon and ginger fragrance flavor for those not accustomed bamboo salt flavor more easily accepted and drink.For heart diseases, hypertension and kidney failure cases, be advised to take bamboo salt instead of chemical salt.

竹盐的碱性能维持我们身体的PH值,可迅速中和在我们身体内的酸性毒素,如尿酸,高血糖,高胆固醇等。 并改善消化系统问题,如胃病,胃溃疡,肠道疾病,痔疮或便秘。 姜柠竹盐非常适合寒性体质者食用,其柠檬与姜的芬芳味道让不习惯竹盐原味者更容易接受及饮用。 对于心脏疾病,高血压和肾功能衰竭的情况下,应摄取竹盐以代替化学盐。

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