Ingredient: AGAR, collagen protein, VC, pullulan, curacao aloe leaf juice, sugar powder, polyethylene glycol - 400, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

Please note this price is only for the Collagen Mask Tablet, not including fruit mask machine, 50pcs/bottle.

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Main Functions: 

Moisturizing: effervescent tablets containing hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, and triple helix structure can strong 30 times to lock moisture, make skin moist, tender status!
Antioxidant, vitamin C, permeability is strong, can through the stratum corneum and the epithelial cells of the skin, participation, improve skin cell metabolism, strengthen the defense capability of the cells, prevent the oxidation of the cell aging;
Firming: after entering the dermal tissue collagen, can repair the rupture, aging elastic fibres, increases skin tightness, tension of skin, shrink pores, make skin tight elastic!
Anti-wrinkle: through the supplement, the dermis layer of collagen to achieve full, fill the local collapse, skin fine lines hold up, improve relaxation, tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, remove fine lines.
Whitening : vitamin C can be away from the skin basal blocking melanin formation, maintain normal metabolism and skin microcirculation, from inside double improve dark skin, improve skin whiten skin, help to desalt splash.
Repair: collagen protein can penetrate into skin, directly with the surrounding tissue tropism is good, can assist the cells to make collagen, help skin cells to grow.Also update the skin collagen itself has anti-inflammatory and role


Using: According to the need to resolve skin problems, suggest the first week to once a day;Weeks later, can use 2-3 times per week.

Note  :Once Open,please placed in dry and ventilated place, avoid damp environment;Don\'t eat directly

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