1. An Electronic Device increase Car Power and Fuel saving.
  2. Effective and reliable German Technology.
  3. More complete combustion, smoother and easy driving.
  4. Quicker acceleration and higher top speed.
  5. Less emission of smoke and for better green environment.
  6. Longer battery life and stable current supply. Cooler air-cond. & etc.
  7. With meter power charge, voltage of battery shown  on the product, will indicate the condition of battery & alternator.
  8. Will notify user before any breakdown on vehicles.

      *   Easy to install, just plug into cigarette lighter plug.

      *   Suitable for 12 volts vehigles, NGV petrol & diesel.

      *   Product life 5 - 7 years.




1)        一个能增强汽车马力, 节省燃油的辅助器。

2)        德国科技,效果卓越。

3)        燃油燃烧更完整,引擎更顺畅及轻盈。

4)        提升汽车扭力及加速力,增加汽车动力。

5)        减少废气CO2 的排放,更环保。

6)        稳定电压,让汽车冷气更凉爽,电池寿命更长。

7)        有meter的辅助器,可以预知电池,发电器的功能是否正常操作,或需替换。

           容易安装,只需插入在点烟器内。

           适合用于所有12Volt的汽油,NGV及柴油车型。

           产品寿命:5年-7




T & C

  • One year product warranty.
  • Within One week to deliver upon order receive.
  • To be send by courier service.
  • Replace within two (2) weeks if the product faulty. Can send back to our store with your address. We will      send back within one week.


             产品保用:12个月。

             收到订单后,在一个星期内送到。

             快邮寄送。

             当产品有损毁不能用,请在两个星期内送回我们的货厂,以便更换。


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