Key Specifications of aroma diffuser humidifier

Material PP
Model NO RY-008
Size 75*75*130mm
Voltage DC5V/800mA
Capacity 65 ml
Max Time 4.3 hours
Mist Amount 15 ml/h
Regular color White
Weight 340g
1. USB Powered Aroma diffuser (rare in the market)
2. 7 Colors Changable LED Lights  (Optional)
3. USB adapter (optional)
4. Mist adjustable
5. Auto-shut-off system
6. Accessories: color box, manual, USB cable


Features of aroma diffuser humidifier

•  USB power supply, once plug and play, easy to use.
•  Professional Aromatherapy design, it‘s more conducive to the diffusion of essential oils.
•  Adopt the latest ultrasonic atomization technology, the mist is finer and more uniform.
•  Automatic water level monitoring, it automatically shut-off when  there is a lack of Water, preventing dry burning.

Functions of aroma diffuser humidifier


•  Produce reactive oxygen species: negative oxygen ion can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, make it more active and more likely to be absorbed by human body, effectively prevent "air-condition disease".

•  Improve lung function: inhaled oxygen anion, lung can absorb oxygen increased by 20%, and discharge 15% more carbon dioxide.

•  Promote the metabolism: activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism.

•  Enhance the ability of resistance: it can change body reaction ability, active reticuloendothelial system function, enhance organism immunity.

•  Improve sleep: the negative oxygen ion, can be energizing, work efficiency, also can improve sleep, had obvious analgesic action.

•  Sterilization function: anion generator to generate a large number of negative ions will produce trace amounts of ozone at the same time, the joining together of two, more adsorption viruses, bacteria, make its produce structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in death.

•  Freshen air, prevent smoke and dust: floating in the air negative ions and negatively charged electrode and positively charged smoke dust, make it natural sedimentation.More effective dust removal sterilization, reduce second-hand smoke.Visible environmental health.

•  Protection: neutralize high voltage electrostatic produced by TVs and computers,  forming a layer of anion layer in front of it, effectively reduce high voltage electrostatic produced by TVs and computers  from damaging to the eyes, effectively prevent myopia, reduce the dust damage to the TVs and computers.

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