Sprayer is composed by steam generator which includes beaker and electrical element with its principle similar to electric kettle. The electric heating element inside the beaker will produce heat energy by current. The temperature of the water inside the beaker will rise gradually until boiling and generating steam, which will spray out misty gas from the spout of the steam pipe to form mist spray.


When the steam sprays on your face, it can increase temperature and promote internal blood circulation of the face skin while free oxygen has strong penetrating power which can increase the oxygen content of the blood after its access into the skin, which will be conducive to nourishing the skin and deep tissues. Steam can soften the outer layer of skin and make the dead cell much easier to remove so as to create a favorable condition for further skin peeling.


It is both convenient and economical as the spray-head can be adjusted up and down. It is also furnished with aroma spray head, in which you can add different essential oil according to the need of the skin so that it can give you the best skin care.


1. Deep Cleansing - The permeation of the steam can make epidermic cells be softened and expanded, facilitate the removal of the aged keratinized cells and achieve a bright, smooth and delicate skin. Steam can open pores to make it easy to eliminate the deep-level filth and excessively secreted sebum and keep the skin to breathe freely

2. Moisturizing - The water molecules of the hot mist are easy to be absorbed by cells and can increase moisture content to make the skin moistened and elastic.

3. Improving the blood circulation - Steam can accelerate the partial blood flow of the skin to result in a rosy complexion



Product size: 18×10×16cm

Tube length: 22cm (Can be rotatated)

Max water capacity : 350ml


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