Latest 2016 hair style trend
- Loved by celebs and artistes worldwide
- Sleek, neat and handsome in a minute
- Non oily formula 
- Water based

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Pomade Malaysia

Lately this hair styling product - pomade - has swept the market by storm. Pomade is a men’s styling product that gives your hair a sleek, neat and glossy look. This greasy / waxy substance is an alternative to gel, wax or hair-spray or mouse. The benefits of using pomade -

it gives you flexibility and control over your hair all day long. it also provides the hair a slicker, shiny look. Also it doesn’t dry out, and you may wash it off with shampoo.

Pomades have been widely used by celebrities such as Elvis presley and James Dean rocking the  rockabilly pompadour hair-style. Recently though, there is a come-back of the love for pomade and it has received a large follower base. Pomades are perfect to be used to achieve different styles namely the pompadour, duck  tail, pompador and quiff. Women love this hairstyle too as men tend to look really resplendent with the pomade styled on their hair.

In the market, there are 2 varieties of Pomade such as the Water based or oil based. Ours is the water based one which is best for general usage.


Water--based pomade washes off easily; besides that it gives sufficient hold for your hair fall day long. benefits of a water base pomade are below:

- Non oily 
- Moderate shine
- Strong-hold
- Ease of washing off


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