•    More than 15,000 special slim soft hair root, the range for sensitive eyes, mild non-stimulating, sensitive skin care
•    Sonicare 10,000 times per minute, deep clean the skin of dirt
•    Replaceable brush regularly replaced to keep cleansing effect
•    About every three months to replace the brush head once
•    Waterproof seat desktop design, can be placed in the toilet, cleaning more convenient
•    Battery: 3A battery
•    Choice of 3 colors ︰ red / blue / gold
•    Set includes: a wash machine, a basic brush
•    Made in Korea

Enlarged pores are like potholes - they’re an eyesore and bothersome and you'll try anything to fill them in or cover them up.
With PoBling Sonic Electric Pore Cleanser you can say byebye to thick makeup.



韓國超人氣洗面神器 - 韓國 Pobling 納米震動毛孔潔面器 Pore Sonic Cleanser
韓國大熱Pobling 納米震動毛孔潔面器,每秒10000次超聲波震動~ 解決90%的肌膚問題

15萬根納米刷毛有效徹底卸妝~ 卸妝效果是普通的600%

掃除一整天面上污垢~ 清潔效果提升至200%

不傷皮膚~眼部周圍及唇邊皮膚亦能細心照顧到~ 極微細納米刷頭能深入毛孔, 令面部油脂,污垢,死皮等一次掃除!


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1. 先將毛刷沾濕

2. 於刷頭上放置適量的洗面產品

3. 啟動開關,放臉部重複打圈畫圓的方式清潔面部

4. 建議潔面過程不超過1分鐘,用清水潔淨即可

5. 關機後用清水沖刷刷毛,再以乾布印乾,放回底座,並放陰涼通風處地方拭乾


The above picture is just for reference, the color, size, might slightly different, and all kind prevail


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