•    Real 10000mAH Capacity
•    Dual Output 5V 1.0A and 2.1A
•    Input 5V 2.0A Fast Charging
•    LED display with backlight (display battery percentage, in / out charging status)
•    Built in LED flashlight.
•    Built in battery protection IC to prevent over charging, over discharging and short circuit
•    Compatible for any phone, tablet, MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS, game device, camera and many more (just connect with your USB cable)

As we own and rely more and more on technology to keep us connected and updated, the lifespan of our gadgets become an important aspect of our livelihood. The gadgets nowadays completely rely on battery to allow us to bring them with us wherever we go. This however comes with a catch. The technology for the battery lifespan has not caught up with the advancement of the gadgets themselves, causing the batteries to run out on you quickly leaving you high and dry.

Bank the Power

To overcome those first world problems, trust the Pineng PN-988 Power Bank 10000mAh. This portable power bank is small, making it portable for you to bring with you wherever you go, especially on holidays. It only weighs a mere 266g, almost adding no weight to your bag at all. Meanwhile the design of the power bank makes it interesting and attractive too. It also has a protective design that prevents over-charging, over-discharging and short circuit. It even has dual USB ports to allow you to charge two devices at the same time. 

Excellent Function 

The Pineng PN-988 Power Bank offers 10000mAh of power capacity and allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. Meanwhile the body of the power bank is made of aviation aluminium alloy shell. This material ensures that your power bank stays resistant to shock caused by impact or even overheating caused by continuous charging. This power bank also comes with an LCD display screen to indicate the charging and discharging status of the power bank.

Material: ABS
Dimension: 7.75 x 2.2 x 9.9
Weight: 0.266KG
Warranty: 1 year for manufacturing defects only
Warranty Type: Local supplier warranty


How to Spot Fake PINENG Product

1. Seal At The Box:


Turn the box from side to side and see the seal colour switch. You can see original seal is 3D fonts and raibow colour effect. But fake seal will only see yellow colour.


2. Code Verification Result:


Scratch the seal at the box and key in the 16 digit verify codes at 
i) All verify code are unique, you must be the first person to verify the code.
ii) Fake PINENG power bank are using same verify code, so you will see there are many times the code has been checked and verified.
iii) If your verify code cant be found by the system, means you are bought the fake PINENG product.
3. Power Bank Back Side Fonts:

Fake power bank back side fonts are bold. Original power bank back side fonts are slim.  
4. Power Bank Cover Material:
Original PINENG power bank cover are made with high quality PC+ABS material. Fake PINENG power bank cover made with poor plastic. The cover is rough, and bad hand feeling.
5. Questionable Price:
Refer the updated price at If you see the selling prices are too cheap, you have reason to be suspicious.
6. Warranty Period:
Original PINENG power bank provide 1 year 1 to 1 exchange new power bank warranty policy. Beware of the PINENG power bank seller which unable to provide 1 year exchange warranty.
7. Authorized Letter:
There's only few authorized distributor / seller in Malaysia. Beware of the seller that without PINENG authorized letter, or provide fake authorized letter, unclear authorized letter, modified authorized letter, expired authorized letter.

Why You Should Care

A. Consistent Quality And Reliable Performance
Original PINENG power bank build with intelligent IC protection.
1) Overcharge Protection - Automatically cut off when device fully charge.
2) Overvoltage Protection - Automatically detects different device voltage.
3) Overdischarge Protection - Automatically control battery discharge.
4) Circuit Protection - Prevent short circuit when power bank charging.
5) Battery Lock Protection- Lock power bank battery, avoid battery loss when power bank not in use.
6) Temperature Protection - Avoid power bank hot when charging.
B. Unsafe, Poor, Counterfeits Product
Fake PINENG power bank used poor material, unsafe battery and built without any IC protection.
1) Fake power bank don't have overcharge, overdischarge and overvoltage protection. It may harm your device.
2) Fake power bank used poor battery, fake capacity, provides less charging time.
3) Fake power bank no battery lock protection, power bank will loss all battery in few days or few weeks.
4) Mostly selling fake PINENG power bank seller are one-time seller. You will unable to reach them for warranty claim if the power bank faulty.
5) The horrible thing is the FAKE PINENG power bank may explode. You wont want to use an unsafe power bank and keep a 'bomb' belong with you.


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