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Pigeon thinks from a mother's point of view. They look at the world through the eyes of a baby. They understand a mother's needs. Pigeon watches as a baby grows. This is the heart of Pigeon’s development for each product. Pigeon values the needs of both mother and baby with products which offer comfort and convenience. 

Feeding Your Baby Efficiently

PIGEON Peristaltic PLUS™ Nipple was designed based on advanced nursing research and study to provide the best for mothers and babies that took into consideration not only the Peristaltic Movement but also the Attachment and Swallowing aspect. These three mechanisms work together to enable your baby to feed efficiently. 

A Textured Surface for a More Effective Attachment

Fine texturing is applied to the silicone surface to make it easier for your baby to latch onto or release the nipple. 

A Wider Nipple Based for Improved Suction

The nipple base has been widened to prevent baby's lips from reaching the cap during attachment. The baby will then be able to form a solid seal on the silicone for more effective sucking.

Thick but Soft Silicone

The precisely crafted silicone used in the Peristaltic PLUS™ is designed to prevent any interference with peristaltic movement when a baby is sucking. 

Nipple Sizes to Match Baby's Development

SS size nipple is very soft and has a round hole. It is recommended for new-borns as younger babies will tend to drink slowly and take frequent breaks. 

S size nipplehas medium softness with a round hole. It is recommended for babies over the age of 1 month. 

M size nipple has medium softness with cross-cut hole for variable flow. It is recommended for babies over the age of 3 months. 

L size nipple has normal softness with cross-cut hole for variable flow. It is recommended for babies over the age of 6 months or for babies who have outgrown the M size nipple.


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