Colostrum is nature’s perfect food. Also called life first food, it is a yellow pre-milk substance secreted from the mammary glands of all female mammals during the first few days after give birth.


About PHHP IG- Rich Colostrum
PHHP IG- Rich Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulin (Ig).Collected from thfirst milking, the IgG in colostrums shown to be of valuable worth for any age, especially children and elderly.

Colostrum is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and two primary components namely immune factors andgrowth factors that work together in perfect synergy to restore and maintain health.

Colostrum is possibly the 
natural supplement known that can deliver the right combination of Immune Factors andGrowth Factors in a balanced, natural package, and in a form that is bio-available to the human body.

Immune Factors, Ig-Immune Enhancer – Has been shown to provide superior defense in both treatment and prevention of viral/bacterial infections, allergies, fungus and yeast.

Growth Factors, Ageing Defensor – Stimulate normal growth, help accelerate the healing of injured muscles,rejuvenate aging skin and induce the normal synthesis ofskin collagen, bone cartilage and nerves tissues. Growth factors also trigger the body metabolism to burn fat, build lean muscle, balance blood sugar and increase energy level.

Each colostrum helps to promote good health and strengthen immune system.

PHHP IG-Rich Colostrum is Low in Lactose, High in Protein, Free of Cholesterol, Low Fat and is free from Pesticides and Antibiotics.

100% Pure Colostrum:
PHHP IG-RICH Colostrum is free from additive or preservative and it is pure colostrum powder.

First 12 hours Colostrum:
According to many dairy research literatures, cow produces significantly more colostrum than humans, therefore, colostrum collected within the first 12 hours after birth still contains all of the beneficial factors that we value.

Low Fat:
Lipids (fats) help colostrum disperse and dissolve. But colostrum with its full fat content will become rancid quicker. At PHHP, we select low fat skimmed colostrum for better quality, stability and longer shelf-life.

Low in Lactose:
PHHP IG-RICH Colostrum is derived from early milking and is naturally low in lactose. Hence, our colostrum is suitable for lactose intolerants.

Stringent Quality Control:
PHHP IG-RICH Colostrum is manufactured in GMP, ISO 9001 & HACCP certified facilities with its production overseen by National Direction of Veterinarian Services and under stringent quality standards, tested by in-house and independent laboratory facilities for quality assurance and safety.

Free from BSE, Pesticides and Antibiotics:
Pesticide contamination and antibiotic usage of dairy cattle feed is tightly regulated and strictly monitored by the relevant Government Veterinary Department. Therefore our colostrums are assured of its quality and potency.

High Active IgG Content:
IgG (immunoglobulin Type G) content in colostrum is the traditional measurement of quality and effectiveness of colostrum. PHHP IG-RICH Colostrum is processed with low heat spray drying method to ensure the maximum content of active IgG is being preserved in the colostrum. We use Single Radial Immuno Diffusion Method (SRID)to test and certify the IgG content in colostrum powders.

Functions of Ig (immunoglobulins)
There are 5 types of immunoglobulins present in colostrums, specifically IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM.
IgG - Found in blood serum and lymph, it plays a specific role in our body’s defense against bacteria, fungi, viruses and pathogenic invaders
gM - Helps control antibody response
IgD - Helps support health of newborns
IgE - Involved in regulating allergic response
IgA - Helps inhibit the binding of pathogens to surfaces
Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF) - 
Promote the growth and healing of skin
Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) - Enhances wound healing and tissue repair
Insulin-like Growth Factor I (IGF-I) - Increase lean muscle mass, helps repair DNA and RNA, anti-ageing properties, helps maintain normal blood-sugar and cholesterol levels.
Insulin-like Growth Factor II (IGF-II) - Regulate the utilization of fat and protein in the body
Transforming Growth Factor-a (TGF-a) - Assists in
formation and repair of connective tissue, bones and cartilage
Transforming Growth Factor-b (TGF-b) - Helps repairs tissue, supports growth of the lining of the gut. Also, TGF-b has been shown to produce destruction in certain human cancerous cells
Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) - Stimulates the growth of connective tissue, play a role in wound repairand helps with cell division and neuron survival and regeneration.

Frequently Asked Question 

  1. What is colostrum?

    Colostrum is pre-milk fluid produced from mother mammary glands during the first few days after giving birth.

  2. Who suitable for colostrum?

    Colostrum is suitable for all age groups. It does not only benefit newborns, but also boosts the immune system of children, adults and the elderly.

  3. Why is bovine colostrum used in PHHP IG-RICH Colostrum?

    The immune and growth factors in bovine colostrum are nearly identical to human colostrum. Besides, dairy cows produce more than enough colostrum to supply human needs without depriving calves of their essential first food.

  4. Why choose "colostrum from the first milking"?

    Colostrum from the first milking is rich in immune factors and growth factors. Colostrum collected from subsequent milking is thinner than that from the first and the contains of immune factors and growth factors is also lower.

  5. What makes PHHP IG-RICH Colostrum stand out from other products?
    • High IgG content
    • Pure colostrum
    • First 12 hours colostrum
    • Low in fat
    • Low in lactose
    • Stringent quality control

Recommended Consumption
Adults: Take 2-4 capsules each time, up to twice daily BEFORE meals for maximum absorption.

Children 6 -12 years: Take 1-2 capsules each time, up to twice daily BEFORE meals for maximum absorption.

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